Prediction Thread!!! NU vs NW in Dublin!!!!

Game week is here. Big decision for me is if I tee off on Saturday at 9am and watch most of the 2nd half? Or do I skip golf in hopes of watching a well-played game. Hmmm....this decision may not be that hard lol. 

As LCH noted in his prediction thread, lots of new faces ( as will he the new normal). Are there major upgrades anywhere? Maybe Mathis? Maybe Palmer? 

Weather looks very nice. On grass. Should be a fairly large amount of Husker fans that found an extra reason to travel. There were 2 options on this trip. Go early, end the vacation on Sunday after the game and return home. Or get there this Thursday/Friday and spend the next few days sightseeing. The first option feels safer win or lose. 

A 12.5 spread seems like A LOT based on the history of this game. Yes things snowballed last year, but that felt like a bit of an anomaly. Percentage-wise outcome feels about 10% of either team blowing each other out. 40% either team wins by single digits. 

I think most of us as NU fans almost feel obligated to pick the Huskers as none of us went IL Part II. While many will say "it's a new season and we can still upset OU and others"? It would awfully difficult to not sense the writing was on the wall for Frost and the lack of anything moving upwards in the program a probably a fair stance to take. 

The Prophet will side with history here. Hopefully it's a happy trip for our faithful travelers.

NU 24    NW 19

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  • Go Big Red

    Husker win 8 games starting with today!

    Huskers 42

    Wildcats 14

    Drink Guiness with Koolaid!

  • I think the newness of players makes this difficult. Will they gel, are they playing the best players at positions on O and D, will these players be about the same that are starting 3-4 weeks down the road. Many unknowns of talent and depth. Anyway pure guess.

    Frosty - 30

    Fitzy- 20

  • Huskers 31 - Mildcats 19

  • Hell yeah, I'm still the B1G red optimist, I say the Huskers take down the cats 27 to 10

  • Ok, I will bite.  Even though our offensive line must be good at puking during practice, I don't see that as a plus for this game with Northwestern.  Northwestern has a very good coach and I think they will be much better this year.  We on the other hand are not and most likely will not have a good team this season.  I picked them to go 3 and 9 last year in July or August and they may win one more this year with this new staff?

      As far as this game goes, I have to go with Northwestern just because of coaching.  Score:  NWU 27 and NU 17.  

  • Northwestern is still coached by Pat Fitzgerald, so you can't count on this team beating bad 2 years in a row.  2 years ago they won the division so they are primed to make some noise if you believe in statistics.  16 new faces, 12 of them are on the 2 deep rosters.  More questions than answers, I suspect they light it up in the early part of the game and then dial it back for a close win more consistant with this series history.

    Nebraska 31

    Northwestern 24

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