NU @ Purdue Prediction Thread!!!

So the Huskers have won 2 in a row for the first time since 2018. Purdue has won 3 in a row after early losses to PSU and Syracuse. Both teams are 2-1 atop the B1G West standings. 

Looking at the basic statistics, Purdue owns significant advantages in nearly all of them.

Rushing defense

Purdue 17

NU 110

Rushing offense

Purdue 103

NU 62

Passing defense

Purdue 65

NU 45

Passing offense

Purdue 20

NU 55

 Scoring defense

Purdue 44

NU 90

Scoring Offense

Purdue 48

NU 78

I guess our passing defense is better lol. But looking at schedules played hard to see where we make a lot of hay in a night game in sold out West Lafayette. The spread has gone up to 13.5-14 now which is a little surprising given all of the "Mickey Monentum" lol. 

Hey, the season is going better (at the moment) than we figured  after the loss to GA Southern. And certainly Frost's 3 games affect the stats. But sadly this game didn't feel like a win before the season and not a lot has changed that. I could see this game certainly getting away if the wrong snowball starts up. But we'll take a tiny sip of kool-aid and side with NU and their 3-3 ATS vs Purdue's 2-4.

NU 19   Purdue 28

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  • You know I think at times.. a good change up would be a series or two with Logan Smothers, option, run/pass. He actually played very good for his first start against Iowa last year, he is a decent Qb. Anyway it wil be tough on our D with Purdunk-n-dink passing attack, our LB and DB' s better have their track shoes on. Have to put pressure on their QB, could get ugly. Think we can run on them a bit.. (?)

    Boiler Heads- 38

    NU get steamed-27


  • I hope we are getting better.  With that being said, NU 27 and Purdue 24.  



  • Last I knew It was the japs that bombs Pearl Harbor.  But that is a different matter.  Both teams have some key people hurt.  Both should be able to,score almost at Will.  My head says Purdue.  My heart says HUSKERS. 
    NU 32  PU. 28.  Pass the kool aide


    NU qq

  • So what's all this lyin' down shit about Nebraska not being able to cover the spread?  Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor?  Hell, no!  When the going gets tough.... (long dramatic pause)....  the tough get going!  C'mon, let's go!  Who's with me?   Arrgghhhhhh!!!!!

    Animal House Huskers    -   21

    Tin Men w/Tea Cup Hats   -   30

  • Purdue's only losses this year are to two top 25 undefeated teams each by less than a TD.  Nebraska has started to look like a program that can play football....albeit not great football.  Purdue is missing 4 starters but have a very good QB, receiver corp.  

    Nebraska will be able to make plays much like Maryland did last week against this defense,  I would not be surprised to see Purdy or Logan come in a series or two just to keep Thompson from being punished all night.  Can't bet against them since they are playing a west competitor....

    NU 23

    Purdue 21  

  • I forgot the season winners! PT and Trash tie for the net closest vs Rutgers. 

    2022 Score Results: Nono-2, TomOs-2, Crawford-1, PT-1, Trashman-1

    2022 Attendance Results: LCH-2, TomOs-1, Trashman-1

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