North Dakota @ NU Prediction Thread!!!!

Well 0-1. Nono wins the first prediction thread with ease, Not a huge surprise in what I felt was a coin flip type game. So much for trying to pick a positive outcome. Sigh.

So the former Fighting Sioux now Fighting Hawks come to Lincoln. Led by North Dakotan Bubba Schwiegerti since 2014, this FCS school was 5-6 last year. 47-40 in his career there with 2 playoff showings as recently as 2020. 

Lots of midwesterner's on the roster. Should be a cool experience for a smaller school in front of....a lot of fans? Obviously a sellout lol. But let's bring back the home game announced/scanned ticket prediction too! 

No official line with the division difference. Would have to think it would be in the 4 TD range? 28.5? This should be a scrimmage if things are even going not very well. We'll hope for victory #1.

UND 17   NU  45   Attendance:  89,768

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  • The bloodied NU D, still trying to find a pass rush... NU-38... The Hawks-17  Attd- 89,203

  • NU 49     ND 13

  • I did not consider the Frost factor when I picked this one.  That may prove to be a huge mistake.  So, according to LCH, I should probably subtract two scores, but I won't.  I think they will put a shock collar on him tomorrow and we will pull this one out.  

  • Bugeaters  41 -  Woke Victim Team 17         Attendance:  89,759

  • 42-27 Nebraaska and attendance 89,780 only because it is the home opener and a lot of fans will show up just to see if we are as bad in person as they are on National TV.  


  • Ok off the rip this game should be a 56-13 win for the Huskers....but WAIT....we have to account for the Frost factor.  Somewhere in this game he will try to be cute and it will cost his team 2 scores, the enevitable costly mistake by the team he coaches will cost the team 1 score. Just because it is a Frost lead team you have to account for 1 WTH was that series costing yet another score.  So the final score against the Hawks will be   31-13.

    Attendance:     87,550

    • "Frost Factir" lol. Yea, it seems like "The Collective WTF" heard around Husker Nation happens at least once per game.

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