IA @NU Prediction Thread!!!

Prediction Thread Winners Update!

Nono-3, TomOs-3, Trash-3, Crawford-1, Nish-1. Attendance: LCH-4, TomOs-1, PT-1

Black Friday is upon us. One 3-8 team vs a 9-2 team. Sheesh. 

I will post mine later. Tom’s is below. 



now.... again NU finds it's self battling back... the checker is Logan.. RB situation is ???.. Iowa D probably equal to Whisky, .. it will take a minor miracle.. balls bouncing our way to win.. damn Hawkeyes- 24 .. leaderless Huskers-17

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  • My wife took down my football schedule after I told her that is bad luck to take it down before the end of the season.  So, Iowa 38 and NU 17.  Attendance 86288.

  • At least the Black Friday game was kept on the schedule. Unfortunately, we have a team that can’t seem to be able to do their part in this “sort of” rivalry. 5 straight losses right now. 6 straight losses to the Hawkeyes. Sheesh.

    This 3-8 team opened as 3.5 favorites over the 9-2 Hawkeyes which was weird at best. Adrian ruled out so it swings to 1.5 back to IA. Now a Smothers led team is a 1 point fave again? So the strangeness continues.

    Another beautiful weather day for all to enjoy. I think Logan starts off pretty decent. Plenty of successful runs and short passes to keep everyone comfy early. Iowa adjusts, and where does it go? The season has been odd. While a NU win wouldn’t be a complete surprise (I was going to predict that before the AM injury)…..pretty hard to foresee a victory. Too many changes all over the field and not a lot to play for….besides pride. Is it enough? 

    IA 23 NU 20

    Attendance 87,232

  • I guess if I wait until Saturday morning to make my prediction I should be able to give the exact score?  

  • First one to score 30 pts wins the game.  

            Nebraskaaaaaah!       -        31

                Iowaaaaaay!          -        24

    * Attendance =  89,988

  • last game of the career for up to 15 Huskers who will walk on Senior Day, 4 new starters all trying to prove they belong.  Hawkeyes come to town with a defense skilled in take aways.   This may be the  last game to see the Balloons fly in the air too, they start fast and hang on for  a win

    NU 28

    Iowa 23

    Attendance on a gorgeous Fall Afternoon:  89,989

  • I will wait till Friday evening or Saturday morning to see if any other Huskers bail before game time.  As you know, I picked the Huskers last summer to finish 3 and 9 on the season so you know how my pick will go.  I just need to decide if it is going to be close or a blow out.  Since we are not bowling again this year, I guess it comes down to which team wants that goofy trophy.  I say it is Iowa because the Huskers have nothing to play for except each other, coaches and of course the fans.  They have always had those incentives and in the last four years those haven't help motivate us to many wins.  Only 15 times in four years against poor competition. 

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