Husker Spot Rules and Guidelines

We have a fun community here at Husker Spot, and we'd like to assure it remains as such. So, the administrators have agreed to enforcing a few posting rules that apply to all areas of our site. No starting new threads that are obviously replies to existing threads No extreme language No Spamming No needless use of all CAPS No links to sites that are offensive No Trolling No Sock Puppets No Flaming No thread crapping No Impersonation No off-line harassment No unapproved commercial solicitations Troll A troll is a user that repeatedly and intentionally breaches netiquette, often posting derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community to bait users into responding, often starting flame wars (see below). They may also link to shock sites or plant images on networks that others may find disturbing in order to cause confrontation. Trolls known as “gravediggers” purposefully post in old or irrelevant threads simply to bring that thread to light again. Responding to a troll's actions is known as 'feeding the troll' and is discouraged. Sock puppet The term sock puppet refers to someone who is simultaneously registered under different pseudonyms on a particular message board or forum. The analogy of a sock puppet is of a puppeteer holding up both hands and supplying dialogue to both puppets simultaneously. Spamming Forum spamming is a breach of netiquette where users repeat the same word or phrase over and over, but differs from multiple posting in that spamming is usually a willful act which sometimes has malicious intent. This is a common trolling technique. It can also be traditional spam, unpaid advertisements that are in breach of the forum's rules. Flaming When a discussion becomes heated and sides do nothing more than complain and not accept each other's differences in point of view, the discussion degenerates into what is called a flame war. To flame someone means to go off-topic and attack the person rather than their opinion. No typing in all CAPS Typing in all CAPS is annoying and hard to read. Abusing the “caps lock” button is not allowed. No thread crapping Thread Crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument. If you feel the need to turn a discussion into a debate, start a new thread instead. No impersonation We insist that readers be who they are, and not attempt to pass themselves off as someone else. As this site allows pseudonymous posting, we insist that readers use a consistent handle or account name, and we reserve the right to ban member that is believed to be some one else. We don't allow readers to mislead others about their identity, either. No offline harassment We also will not tolerate members who use any means, including offline communication and messages to third parties, to intimidate or harass fellow members over their posting on Husker Spot. No unapproved commercial solicitations In many cases, members selling and buying with other members can be a good thing, but one or two bad deals can be enough to poison an entire community. There are opportunities for publishers to advertise. If you are interested contact the site administrators. Consequences Failure to follow these rules will lead to a member being banned at the discret of the Husker Spot staff. We reserve the right to remove any member for any reason we feel necessary. Warnings might be given, but in some cases immediate banning may occur. Any poster may be banned at any time by name, IP address or other identification without any prior warning and without any explanation given. If you see a violation of the above rules, please report it to a moderator. Do not take it upon yourself to point out where other members do not follow guidelines, because that leads to more off-topic posts and even arguments. Report them to the MODS. The situation will be handled as soon as possible by a member of the staff. We reserve the right to modify our policies as need arises. Do not argue with the MODS on site, send an email to the MODS or Site Administrators. If you have feedback for the site, please email: HuskerspotFeedback @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)

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