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  • How bout them Huskers!!! Football season is almost here. NeFan4Life, thought I would stop by and thank you again for setting up this Site. I don't know the history behind it but a year later I still find it amazing to  use. Extremely user friendly and I have meet a lot of good people on here. Hope you are doing well and thanks again. If you ever get out to Vegas shoot me a message and I will give you my best 411 on what and where to do. Thanks again and Go Big Red!

  • Thanks I see your trying to help me get back the rankings. I know the one week that I dropped a few positions all I had to do is dish about a few thumbs up.  lol

    Oh well, doesn't really matter. I enjoy posting the articles and love the chat.

    • Is there some way a person can simply "like" Husker Spot on Facebook, rather than using Facebook to sign in?

  • Nate

    I'm down here in SEC land so I would feel better if I could find somebody that is a Husker fan that likes creating those wall papers or similar products that I can hand to the designers around here. That way I'm not ending up with a corvette covered in Clemson or Fighting chickens LOL
  • It gives free rides.
  • that was a great game
  • Hey I found on here that we are planning/trying to get the Nebraska vs. V Tech Game to be a Blackout game and I am def all for that! . . . Mainly b/c I am already planning on going to that game! . . . But I emailed the athletic dept and asked them about a blackout game and if they had officially set one. I received a reply informing me that as of now, no game has been officially set as the blackout game. . . .so I didnt know if there was anyway that this site could contact them and if everyone here starts spreading the word we could really make this happen. . . I created an event on facebook ( ) feel free to check it out and invite more people. But I think if we can start communicating with the University we might act. be able to pull this off! :D
  • Nate, thanks for your comment. Is this your site? If so, I want to compliment you on it. I have been looking for one just like it to discuss the games and husker stuff in general. This one is very well done and easy to use. Congratulations.
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