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Predict HOWEVER you feel of course. But the Prophet Trashman will add some thoughts of course!  ;)

If you predict:

6 or less wins:  You are a bit of curmudgeon. Have but little hope for the program and expect nothing but negativity in your entire life! Lol. 

7 wins: a bit of an “over-realist”. Not reading into everything but not exactly buying in. You ARE a fan right?

8wins: Oh here we go! “Double the win total from 2018. There will be a lot of highs and lows...we’ll win a couple we shouldn’t and lose a couple we should. On the path to greatness!” A solid, educated take. Middler Christopherson is your new nickname.

9 wins: getting serious! 9 wins is amazing right? The infamous Bo did it as a minimum with well.....ok play at an awful time. Most would say....”this is the bar of expectations”. Is it in year 2?

10 wins: whoa dude. Could happen. Have to pretty well go undefeated at home. Based on Frost’s tenure’re probably premature. Sipping Kool-Aid at a MINIMUM....

11 wins: Well now you’re getting a tad silly. 1 loss in the reg eh? Very possible but WAY too many question marks all over...depth notwithstanding. But I’m not stopping you! Not like it’s Cally, Bo or Mike coaching....

12+ wins: Settle down bruh! CFB Playoffs year 2??? No amount of booze or kool-aid will allow this to make sense. But...a blog is meant for super-fan. Pick it at your own peril! And then say “who cares....I love the huskers more than all of you so there”. Lol

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I'm torn between 8 and 9 wins, I will go with 9 regular season....chance to play in the CCG comes down to the last game of the season

Guessing 8-3-1 one game ends in a tie, game was called to due electrical rain storm.

Put me in the 8 win crowd.  Much improved for sure but still lacking some pieces. The build remains a work in progress. 

8 to 9 wins.  Just like all the other irrationally exhuberant fans on here.  

It seems not everybody is posting their predictions on this thread, so here is what I've heard:

Islander predicts 10 wins

Wacky predicts double digits

Gofor2 predicts 10 wins

I actually feel like I'm more between 9-10 wins! Am I now a kool-aid drinker??

I will settle on 9 wins. 10 seems a tad inflated. If  KNEW Martinez was healthy all year....I'd push to 10 wins. But didn't play senior year, missed time last year. Hopefully that ends this year. Might be a bit rainy tomorrow. But no need to be worried about moving the game time around. Nothing severe predicted. Not like last year when it was pretty well a given by Wednesday that kickoff would be dicey lol. 

home win over ranked Iowa gives us 9

I'm going with 8 wins.

After yesterday,  there better be a big improvement in O Line play. 


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