adidas Football: 2012 Nebraska "UNRIVALED" TECHFIT Uniform

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New Husker Uniforms 2012

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  • This has got to be Pearlman's idea or consent. Why don't we just wear gay green and puke purple and call ourselves Mardi Gras Dancers. Seriously that looks like Texas Tech, except Tech has a better red than that. How in the hell can anyone sign off on that $&!^  unless you hate Nebraska. I could go with biege instead of white, or horizontal stripes that resembled the old days with nostalgia styling but that's just crap from a moron who took no consideration for thoughts of fans. This is the design of some one who is just a designer and has no idea about college football. The designer probably played with Fashion Plates paper dolls as a kid and graduated from Acme Arts Internet University.

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