WI @ NU Prediction Thread!!!

2022 Score Results: TomOs-5, Trashman-2, Nono-2, Crawford-2, PT-1,

2022 Attendance Results: LCH-2, PT-2, TomOs-1, Trashman-1

Tom hits his 5th score prediction! Nice. Don't forget attendance. I'll be back!

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  • Huskers       23

    Badgers       17

    Attendance  85,879

  • It is going to be cold and windy for the game today.  I think 87600 will show up for the start of the game thanks to the tailgaiting/drinking.  It will be like one of those days sitting on a 5 gallon bucket on the little lake (Big Mac) and catching trout through the ice and drinking ice cold Hamms, Schliz, Old Milwaukee, Olympia or Storz.  If ice cold, all of those were not too bad.   The wind will be blowing and due to the excessive drinking a lot of time will be spent thinking about going to the troughs and the rest of the time will be spent standing in lines witing for your turn  at the troughs. Fun stuff!  You might even see the Huskers win their 4th game of the year.  It will be epic.


  • Predicting a victory here feels....curious. At best. Not a good team but Casey is back. It's going to be COLD. Not sure that benefits anyone. 

    We'll spare the stats and say low scoring. Close game.

    WI 20  NU 16

    Attendance: 84,887

  • Badgers are no Wolverines.. but still a mean critter. CT probably plays and hopefully survives.

    NU gives Graham a hard time- 21

    Little varmits-19

    • Attendance-86202


  • It is hard to do this with a straight face, but here goes:  NU-27 and Whiskey  24.  I am still hoping for that upset to get to 4 wins which will be huge for Nebraska!  Four (4) wins this and next a lower tier bowl.  Moving on up.

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