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With Randy Edsall taking the Maryland job, that takes Mike Leach out of the running of that job.  Why doesn't Bo Pelini give him the O.C job in Nebraska. Think about it, Leach and his GREAT Recruiting of Wide Recievers, problem is one of two things. One is the QB's that Nebraska is bringing in are not pocket passers, but duel threat guys  (Turner and Starling). two if Nebraska were to bring him in and he would succeed and will turn around and use that and get another head coaching job right away. But Damn it would be nice to dream of that combo!!??

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I think Leach is a heck of a coach and I still feel he got the short end of the stick, but I don't desire to see him in Lincoln. I don't think Nebraska needs a top 10 offense. I just want to see a team that can consistently score some points. If we had an average offense we would have slaughtered teams last year with our defense giving us incredible field position and we would probably be undefeated this year.

No offense; but we had no offense.


Don't need a Top 10 offense?  Wouldn't it be nice to have one again?

I don't want that weird offense either, Bring Frank Solich back or hire another former husker such as Tom Rathman. I don't know if pelini can get the job done, yea he's improved the defense some, but the offense is in shambles. All I see pelini doing is yelling at players everytime they make a mistake and being hotheaded all the time. thats not effective coaching. The responsibility falls back on the coaches just as much as the players. Some coordinators are cut out to be a head coach and some aren't, pelini may need to go back to being a d coordinator. Mike leach is definitely not the answer. Osborne should check all the former Huskers who are coaches these days and hire the best one to coach the huskers.
I definitely do not want a former  Texas Tech head coach at Nebraska.
OMG!!! Mike will you PLEASE let Frank Solich go!!! he's not coming back!!! Besides the huskers need somebody from the outside to come in and fix the Offense.. kind of like Callahan did. however he forgot that Defense plays too!! #1 Mike Leach #2 Brian Harsin (Boise State) #3 Bring back Don Coryell from the dead!!!

I would prefer a physical offense that gets the job done then an offense with all the bells and whistles that isn't consistent. Obviously, I, as a fan, have no control over who our coaches are. That being said, I would think it would be difficult to find a good excuse for Watson's lackluster offense. Nebraska fans weren't happy with him after last year and now unhappy would be an understatement. One could say injuries are to blame but every team in America has injuries and frankly you can only use the same excuse so often. Production is a terrible excuse. A coach is responsible for how the players produce. If he can't get the players to produce then we need to find someone who can. Finally, you can blame it on other coaches (the O-line or the wide receivers). If they are really causing the problem (and I believe they are atleast part of the problem), Wouldn't Watson have some say as to them staying or leaving? In my opinion there has to be some change. I would prefer a clean slate (wipe out the 3 of them: Barney, Watson, and Gilmore), but at least some sort of change would be nice even if it were smaller.

yeah I know Solich is not the answer either, but we need someone to bring the huskers back to dominance, Callahan is a good coach and did have the offense fixed, but he's gone now to, but shawn watson and pelini have plummeted the Huskers offense to a pitiful state. Osborne better do something to fix this mess, thats all i'm saying and the answer may be to hire a former Husker as the head coach.
Jason based on watching every game this season, I have seen bo yelling at the players too much during games, I'm just telling that is not good coaching, as a coach you have to expect some mistakes from your players from time to time. mistakes such as; fumbles, interceptions, missed tackles etc. its part of the game.yelling at a player on national tv and making him feel worse then he already does is not good coaching, you simply coach your way out of it. Right now I do not think pelini is the answer, I know he's got defense, but don't think he's got the skills to right the huskers ship.I think bringing in a former husker as head coach is the answer. Turner gill maybe.

Bo is certainly a better fit than Callahan...but there was no way to go but up.



NO, NO, NO to Mike about a young guy that has done a pretty fair job with the WR's at Oregon...........Scott Frost......I think he would be an excellent acquisition.


Also, we lost our linebacker's coach............wonder if Mike Singletary is looking for work?

How about Rich-Rod?  He's a master at the spread option and developed players like Pat White and Denard Robinson.  I like the idea of Scott Frost coming back, and I think he's ready for a big OC gig.  Don't know much about Tim Beck but he seems like our best recruiter for offensive talent.


 I like Leach and thought Miami should have made their move on him.  I know Stanford won't either.  For some reason, I see Leach at Arizona State one day.

Rich rod no way, rich rod system sucks, he made Michigan the worst team in the big ten, Scott Frost yes way, bring in Scott Frost that is what the Huskers need a former Husker to right the ship.

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