The 0-2 NU Home Opener vs 1-1 N. Illinois

Well the ultimate fear arose as NU stumbled, fumbled and crapped the bed in the first two games. Sigh. Welcome to Groundhog Day. However, there may be a little more excitement as word in the street is Haarberg is getting the start. Hmmmm. Is this a good thing or bad? Probacly can't be much worse? We have said that before, numerous times actually. Facts are, NU probably needs this victory and next week to not be pushing the true abyss of a 1-3 win season. Gulp. In comes Rocky Lombardi, the 6th year MSU transfer that has spent the last 3 at N. Illinois. He hasn't been great. Borderline awful if you didn't compare him to Sims. 36/66 462yds 1TD, 3INT and 13 carries for -3yds and a TD. Beat BC in OT and lost to FCS S. Illinois. Uhhhh...ok. How does one even evaluate this game? I guess the hope is our defense stays strong and Haarberg makes less mistakes than Sims. I think that can happen. Will it? Will Satterfield allow it? The spread is NU by 11. Of our defense or special teams scores, it's probably a cover. We'll say the fans get to cheer a bit. N.Illinois 13 NU 27.

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  • Missed last week.. not by computer.. and just as well missed. If HH is the Qb, tough to call anything is certain in this one.. Only thing I'm fairly certain is that we do have a decent D run and Pass, with some good Pass rush.. Low scoring like LCH and No are thinking. May see Chubba .. NU- 20, NIU-11.


  • NU 14, NIU 3....boring game to watch.  Lots of running between the twenties.  

  • This may be one of the 2 wins this year.  NU 3 and NI 2 in a real nail biter.  Wait, that would require us making a field goal.  NU 2 and NI 0.  Our D is capable of a Safety!



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