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For those of you who either weren't old enough or have purged that from your memory banks, that 2004 game between the Huskers and Iowa State was played in that wind tunnel known as Jack Trice Stadium. Despite Cory Ross gashing the Cyclones for 6.6 yards each time he touched the ball, Bill Callahan elected to have Joe Dailey throw the ball 42 times.

Nebraska's coaching staff wasn't having any of that. In his halftime interview with the Husker Sports Network, Mike Riley dismissed the conditions and said that Nebraska had to do a better job throwing and catching the ball.

What we have to realize is that this a core part of Mike Riley's offensive philosophy: you throw the ball, and run only to complement it. It is who Mike Riley is, and he's 62 years old. He's not changing his stripes. Which ultimately takes us to the question that an adult in charge in Lincoln is going to have to ask: is this ever going to work in the Big Ten when the weather turns south?  Because if you ask any Oregon State fan, they'd tell you this wasn't working in the Pac-12 either.


Nebraska averaged 5.5 yards per carry and TA was 10 of 31 for 105 yards against Illinois.

SO.........Are Riley and Langsdorf Dumb or just F'ing Stupid? 

People always say it isn't the coaches fault but on this game I don't know how you can't blame the coaches.  Riley and Langsdorf screwed the pooch so hard PETA has a wanted poster of them.  I like me some passing in a football team as much as anyone but it doesn't take a football savant too long to realize when there is shit tons of rain and wind and you have a run 1st QB, a literal stable of running backs and a shaky Defense, maybe one should limit the amount of passing calls???  5.5 yards per carry and I don't think we were really trying too hard in the running game......

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Why is it that the combination of Husker Football and internet blogs that seems to bring out the absolute worst in people?  Sheesh, did you think a complete change in coaching staff would result in an immediate national championship?

Also, I think Husker fans need to keep in mind that while Nebraska has a very strong winning tradition in football, there are also about a dozen other schools with even better records and even more championships.  Yes Nebraska was a great program in the 90's, and has 5 National Titles, but hey, Ohio State has 8.

Country I believe social media is partially to blame. On social medial there is no accountability. Anyone with the ability to hit the send button can voice their opinions. Did you know someone tweeted Alex Lewis they wanted to cut his head off? Really? That's what we do in society, if we don't like how someone played on Saturday we cut their heads off? My mother used to tell me when I was growing up if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

I had decided after the last few years under Bo and all the toxicity that I was going to enjoy Husker football again.

Win or lose....

Yeah let's fire Riley in mid season, see what kind of coach would come to Lincoln after that.

#1 on the flaming chair 9 games in?

Bo was on the hotseat his whole time here but never got to #1

I don't think anyone was expecting a National Championship this year. Hell, I don't think anyone was expecting a Big 10 Title or for the Huskers to even win the West this year. I think there were just higher expectations that what is being seen on the field this season. As this season has progressed one would expect there to be some kind of improvement or at least more consistency. The numbers don't lie and we have been BAD this season in almost every catagory. I'm not one who is calling for Mike Riley's head after a season of close loses, but I think it's fair to want to see some kind of improvement.  

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