Purdue @ NU Prediction Thread!!!!

So we're 4-3! Somewhere I read over .500 for the first time in like 1400+ days. Sheesh to that. The spread sits at NU by 2.5 and that feels about right. Forecast calls for a small change of precip, but cool and windy with only a high of 38. It was 80s on Monday and 70s today. Go figure. With NU's defense at 22nd and Purdue's at 91st.....,this feels like an advantage. But our offense is a tad scary. Purdue isn't quite as pass-happy as previous years with a solid RB. This game should go fast. The fact the Boilers are 2-5 kind of makes this game feel like one Rhule should tally up again. 2 weeks to prepare shouldn't matter much. Still doesn't feel like a game we can run away with. I suppose you can copy and paste that comment for the rest of the schedule lol. 

Purdue 16  NU  20

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  • I am going withNebraska today.  NU 30 and PU 10.  I think our D will shut them down and I am hoping or receivers do a better job catching the ball.  No rain and snow aswas  predicted and that shouldhelp, but the ball is going to be cold and slippery.  We need to take care of that thing at ALL times.


  • I think Purdunk is better than their record shows. I would love to say we control the game and win .... but they have a lot more O then we have, and we have been susceptibile to the pass. You would think with  5-6 Db's in the game at once, we would have that under control. Very leery if they start getting good gains on the run, the passes will come...doubting Thomas this game.. remember we have a very bad team coming up with Sparty, to get to 5 wins.

    Boilers get hot (better Qb then we have)- 21      Huskers still looking for O- 17

  • NU 17 Purdue 10

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