OU @NU Prediction Thread!!! (And attendance)

2022 Score Results: Nono-2, TomOs-1

2022 Attendance Resumts: LCH-1, TomOs-1


Well the post-Frost era has begun. On to the 6th HC since TO retired 25 years ago. Think everyone knew it was going to take a downward trend after him, but not many could have seen the swirling the drain spiral. Sheesh.

As more comes out, it's fairly obvious we no longer had an invested man at the top. Unfortunate, but things happen and Trev made the wise decision to move on from 15-31. Bad football, bad results.

OU went through this at one time and is very revelant even without their last quality coach bolting. Top 10 ranking and looking the part to challenge for another Big 12 CC. Led by a former UCF QB in Gabriel, they come into Memorial as a 13.5 favorite.

Mickey will have the guys initially focused and motivated. Thompson and Co should be able to move the ball somewhat regularly....but we probably should be careful on how outstanding the offense is. An FCS, mid-major and conference foe ego lost to Duke is the comparison bar. To steal from Sip, "be careful" to be over-confident in our offense.

It's too bad we can't be a ranked team with a solid foundation enjoying a great rivalry of the past. Instead this feels like a good atmosphere and team that fights awhile but can't stay the course. 88,534 get to watch another loss.

OU 41 NU  23



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  • First I want warn trash to be sure to be sitting down before reading my prediction

    DONU              31

    OU                    35

  • Lessee...OU beats lesser competition by a combined score of 78-16.  NU struggles against lesser competition, losing 2 of 3 games.  Now a new coach and folks are saying "Drink the Kool-aid"?   Hmmmm....  the ol Magic 8 Ball sez it sees a third loss for the Big Red.  OU 35 - NU 24 

    • Might this game be one of the last sellouts of the season?  Attendance 89,955

  • Not much to say about this one... line went from 13.5 to 10.5 OU fav. hard to imagine going down. Mickey's boy play hard but OU too much, stretch out lead 2nd half.

    OU RED- 44

    NU red- 17


  • Attendance will be through the roof for this one, Standing room Only and big TV audience, I say maximum capacity of  90,000.  As for the game it's hard to know what this team is going to do now, I will say they stand and fight as one and give Mickey Joseph his first victory as a head coach.  Last second heroics to find a way.  OU 28 NU 30

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    • Ole Scotty finagled his way out of serving a five day suspension and made an extra 7 plus million doing so.  If only he would have put that much effort into his football team, but with him being fired, I like our chances against OU.  OU -31 and Nebraska 34.  Attendance"  89,900.


      • I love Blackcherry KoolAid? That is good stuff and if you mix it with Everclear and freeze it, you have a popsicle that can't be beat unless you're drinking red beers.  I am drinking a lot of both Frost was fired since MJ was hired.

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