Back after the bye week. Not sure who is starting at QB for NW, but they haven't had the best play there regardless. NU has Haarberg which continues the mild momentum. Not sure what to think here besides likely low scoring. NU by 11.5 feels fairly high IMO. That being said, NW may be worse than us! We'll say:

NW 13  NU 23

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  • Husker 28

    The Car Washing Wildcats 10

  • I think the girls have a decent chance of winning if they can limit the service errors.  Oh, this thread is about the football game.  Well, if I must, this could be the day we get to 4 wins two years in a row!  That will be a HUGE accomplshment for Nebraska football and pave the way to a lower tier bowl game.  I am thinking what Lyle Bremser would say if we can some how pull this win off today.  I am thinking the JR Superstar punt return during  the OU game back in 1971.   Well, anyway, NU 24 and NW 3. 


  • We are not the '83 scoring explosion but no team in the west division is either. This is a big game to keep the high hopes of a bowl. Huskers should dominate on D, do enough on the O side to make a comfortable win.

    NU rolls 28  the Fitz-less NU- 13

  • Agree with low scoring, 20 to 10.  Lots of defense and punting. We get to see Fleeks at RB this week though.  

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