NU @Wisky Prediction Thread!!!

Up to date prediction thread leaders:Trash-5, LCH-3, , Nono 2 TomOs/TJ-1. (though a tad late we'll give it to Nono based on accuracy). 

So technically with NU winning two in a row, an IA loss at home to IL, a loss by MN @tOSU....and I think NU goes to the CC? We would hold all tiebreakers over IA, WI, NW and IL. Everyone would be 5-4. Is that really on the table? I mean seriously? That is how dysfunctional the West is. And we certainly fit right in!

The sad thing is there's no reason with this defense that we shouldn't be 7-3. IA is nearly exactly the same yet does the intelligent things to win extremely tight games. Not suddenly "be aggressive" with a team that then solidifies why we are dead last in possibly the world in turnovers. Sigh. 

Good news? We get another bad team (surprise)! Rumors of a poor locker room dynamic has leaked badly. Badger fans have hit that disgust button fearful of where the WI program is going under Fickle. Everyone wondering why they are trying to be something they aren't with the wrong personnel. Sound familiar? Remember the Cally and beyond! 

WI has their starting QB back. Allen is getting more healthy. We have some turnover prone QB starting and an OC ready to spread it around lol. Would I be completely surprised if we won this game? Nah, not really. Unfortunately the comments after last week by Rhule are NOT what I was hoping to hear. Playing unintelligent offensive football needs to stop and wins can be had. Wishing myself wrong....

NU 16 WI 19

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  • NU and IOWA Game Pick.  Iowa 24 and NU 17.  I may not have access to the internet when the thread is posted later this week.

  • So is it 1352 right now or what?

  • FOR THE RECORD, I posted that at 145PM even though it says at 745PM.  I think the same thing may have occurred last week?



  • I learned something new while standing in tree deer hunting.  The Colorado Coach goes by Coach Prime?  I see they lost another one last night 56-14 and to think they beat us!  Based upon that, even though Wisconsin is nothing like they use to be, they can beat us in Wisconsin tonight.  17-14 Wisconsin.



  • We finally put all 3 phases together, in a game where someone needs to win NU finds a way by 3 points.... only 4 turnovers =a win 

  • I think we do it this week.. our D should dominate their O, get a couple turnovers. Have 2 Qb scheme, JS comes in to run then passes, Chubba to pass then runs, mix their D up, wild cat  passes... lol... anyway with our OC anything is possible. In the end we Rhule... 

    NU 20  Damn Badgers 17 (Luke will remember our 4 Qtr come back when he was HC fOSU, and gets nervous)

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