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A 3 game winning streak, 5 wins through 8 games (after an 0-2 start), a Kearney Catholic QB now starting and here we are. Outside of 3 teams in the East, this conference is a bit of a disaster. NU is benefiting by playing sorta "IA football" with a maybe better than typical IA offense (sad I know lol) and opportune defensive play. No one will say this is a great team. But the ability to win closer games, not make disastrous mental mistakes (still a lot of turnovers however) and play solid defense goes a long way in winning games we should win. And MSU is no different. Another team with a fired HC and either a 2nd or 3rd string QB fit a team that has lost 6 straight since Tucker was let go. Here's the number conparision:

Total offense: NU 110th, MSU 111th. Scoring Offense: NU 113th, MSU 125th. Defensively there’s a bit of a difference…Total NU 13th, MSU 53rd. Scoring Defense NU 21st, MSU 82nd.

Weather will be normal. Grass field this week. But feels like another Rhule should get vs what should be a quickly checked out tean provided we don't give them reasons to stay hanging around and invested. Can we stay in a tie for 1st in the west and get bowl eligible? The Prophet says:

NU 23 MSU 13

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  • This game will make us Bowl Elgible if we win it and that is a big deal with this outfit.  Because of the importance of this game, I believe we will have the best game of the year and will win it 35-10 over MSU.  

  • Seems like a challenge has been made to the leaders on this team.  I see this another good defensive played game with better play by the offense with emerging targets.  They break 24 this week, NU 27 Sparty 17

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