NU @ Minny Prediction Thread!!!

Well, here it is. Hopefully we get 3 predictions lol. MN hanging on to that 7.5-8 spread which feels a tad high. Think our defense can keep it in it...but Sims, Ervin and a makeshift WR room feels pretty light. Shouldn't get away from us with intelligent play calling, but no one knows what we're getting there either. Think Fleck has to get the nod with 7 years experience and at home. Remember, they gave tOSU all they could handle 2 years ago. Ibrahim doesn't go down, they quote possibly had that one. I'm probably (gasp) bring overly kool-aid-ish, but I'll say NU 17  MN 24

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  • Kill the Rodents!

    Huskers 27

    Rodents 14

  • We have a 67 million dollar coach now.  That alone should be worth a win.  So, let's go with the Huskers, 27 and Minny 24.  I can't belive I just said that!


  • As much as I hope this would be Rhule's the start of a Bob Devaney era for NU football. I dont think we can hang with Minnie... NU 14  MN 24. Then go to Boulder and blast the Buffs. GBR


  • This is going to be a defensive struggle, with all the mistakes first games have to offer,  I think NU sneaks away with a nailbiter 13 - 10 and wins the broken chair trophy for the first time in half of a decade.

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