2022 Score Results: TomOs-4, Trashman-2, Nono-2, Crawford-2, PT-1,

2022 Attendance Results: LCH-2, PT-2, TomOs-1, Trashman-1

Trash hits NU on the number and is a little high on MN, but he takes the score winner. PT comes with a 138 non-fair weather fans for his second attendance victory. For future reference vs WI? The scanned numbers are going DOWN lol.

Hete are the unfortunate numbers:

Passing Offense: NU 58th (244yds), MI 93rd (216yds)

Rushing Offense: NU 75th (143yds), MI 4th (250yds)

Scoring Offense: NU 86th (25.6pts), MI 5th (42.2pts)

Passing Defense: NU 74th, MI 2nd

Rushing Defense: NU 107th (183yds), MI 1st (72yds)

Scoring Defense: NU 92nd (29.4), MI 3rd (12.2)

What does this all say? A 31 point spread for the home team who dominate in every important statistic. I will say, NU is T-5th in punt blocks with keep an eye on that development! ;)

Looking at previous weeks, you see the difference in good B1G teams who know their identity and a NU team that doesn't. 32 carries for Brown, 32 carries for Ibrahim. The 4.4 average between them is not huge, but keeps them a constant threat. Grant has 33 the last 2 games averaging 5.1 and 5.5 per carry. Yet we (ahem Whipple) just can't help his pass-happy self. Grant getting one carry each of the first four 2nd half drives is really inexcusable.

There's little reason to believe we can be in this game much past a quarter. Maybe MJ convinces Whip to go 2006 Cally and keep us in it....but not really lol. Preventative beat-down approach? Might look better but doesn't really matter long term. Get the feeling after this bad loss, the MJ bandwagoners become a bit more muted....but now Frost is always there to blame lol.

The O/U feels pretty easy at 48.5. MI might go over that on their own. 

NU 9   MI 45


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  • Scratch the attendance thing below.   MU will have a 100K there.

  • The last time the Huskers went to Ann Harbor they lost by 46 points. Everyone says MJ is twice the coach Frost was so they should only lose by 23.  Meatchicken 49 NU 26 

    big announcement coming soon 

  • IDK... only thing I do know is, MI is the type of team we want to be. They have great RBs, Qb who can kill you with his feet and still get off a good pass. Lets not even talk about their D (ugh). Still think our D will hold them earl then the roof falls in. Our O is in disarray, Purdy isnt pretty out there, not enough O line for Smothers to operate. Whip doesn't have a clue, as he hunts and picks, then sacrifices our Qb with his passing attack.

    NU stuggles to score- 7 (please run, run, the ball eat up the clock and get the hell out of there)

    Wolverines are a big badger-38

  • Well, there is no way NU beats Michigan.  NU 24 and MU 17 in a nailbiter.  Attendance is 87256.  


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