Well, we all saw NU. We all probably saw some of CU. Sigh. IF Satterfield commits to a strong run game (especially the RBs), there is hope. Sims needs at least 8-12 runs too and simple passes. Can we simplify everything? Or is football too hard? Too much strain? Lol. Don't really see us in this one. If they get up a couple TDs, the OC pressing will begin and...double sigh. Can we keep them under 40? I think so? But can we score 30+? As TomOs said....whole lotta maybes or possiblies. The Prophet says: NU 20 CU 33

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  • Well I've come back from off the Edge a little. 

    I only sharpened half my pitch forks.

    My fire Matt Rhuel sign is in the back of the truck but I have it covered. 

    The torches are ready but I used E88 fuel to prevent global warming. 

    You're welcome!

    Huskers 27

    Buffaloes 21

  • Nothing has changed.  Colirado 56 and NU 17.  I dont know how may games we play this year and really don't care.  I am going out on a limb here with my optimism and predict we will go 2 and 10 if we play 12.  


  • I'm probably the only one that will take the Huskers for the win. In order for that to happen the Colorado front 7 need to be manhandled all game.   TCU defense  well actually both defenses were horrible last week, over 1,000 yards combined on offense.  If Nebraska can get pressure and disrupt the play they have a chance.  I will not predict a score because I will be the only one picking the Huskers. 🤪

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