NO No's discussion on COVID

Nebraska went over 25,000 COVID cases. The US passed 150,000 dead last night. The Southern States are getting hit hard and Florida passed New York in total cases. Apparently, the Fed is following a "Dr." that is discussing using "Alien DNA" as a cure for COVID.

They should cancel their subscriptions to all of the tabloids.

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  • One week before Nebraska is scheduled to play, the COVID death count is almost 220,000.  70,000 positives yesterday I think, ICU beds are filling up and 5,000 a week are dying.  Winter is just around the corner.

  • No Nothing Comment:

    Each and every night you guys discuss the BIG 10 decision making process and not a word is said. Crawford called the Pandemic a Scamdemic and I called him out on that. Again, not a word was said about the "scamdemic" comment. I think the Big 10 Commish made the right call.

    No Nothing
    There is nothing wrong with looking out for the student athletes, the school's liability, the fans and the community. The only political thing about the COVID, is the reaction some have with it.

    No Nothing
    The Big 10's decision was not political. It was the safe thing to do.

    No Nothing

    You might want to give the Big 10 leadership a break. They make decisions that are in the best interests of the entire league. All the schools in the Big 10 have the same issues as Nebraska does.

  • Great Point Dee, hopefully in the near future vaccines and therapeutics will be readily available for all those that need it.

  • just because people don't die doesn't mean they don't suffer serious long-term complications like heart problems and brain issues. 
    Low Country Husker said:

    August 10th numbers update:


  • Here you go, are you ready to wear a mask alone in your car?

  • August 10th numbers update:


  • No Nothing"

    Because of that, the COVID could be around for years.

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    Playing football next fall will depend on what the United States does correctly in the next year. It is just that simple. If the COVID is still infecting and killing thousands this time next year, I think there is a good chance sports will be cancelled again. It is going to be painful.
    9:56 AM

    No Nothing

    I wouldn't count on a spring season either. We will be coming off of winter and they say a second wave is inevitable. Remember March and April this year. You will have those that believe they don't have to wear masks and socially distance because it infringes on their rights.
    Because of that, the COVID could be around for years.

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