New Coach Hire Prediction Thread!!!

Per LCH's request, we have a new prediction thread! Pick needs to be in by kickoff of the November 25th, 2022 NU/IA game at 3p central.

Tiebreaker is time and day the announcement is made!

Good Luck!

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  • After careful consideration, I have bounced around from coach to coach, I think Rhule is out, sits out a year or two, then Fickle, Aranda out, Mark Stoops staying put, no Monken wrong fit, Campbell possible. Need a coach who has accomplished a good record in the B1G, see Bielma. Havent heard that much of my pick, the Bo'B, Bill O'Brien makes sense to me.. so the BOB, announced within 1 hr after the game.. dark horse would have been MJ on a limited tenure.


  • I picked the Huskers to go 3 and 9 the last two years. I also said this year we may get one more win.  So, LCH, you could say I picked them to go 4-8 and the funny thing is, if they beat Iowa, that will be three pics in a row!    As far as the coaching mess goes, I have no clue. Since Trash went to all this trouble, I will Stick with Craig Bohl.  In case I forget, NU 17 and Iowa 9.  I will not be attending the MBB at Disney.  It is 20 minutes away and I am going to be preparing Thanksgiving Dinner and then eating it.  Am I forgetting anything?  Attendance?  Iowa may have 19,256 there because they have nothig else to do in Iowa!


  • Because of the ever changing scope of this drama, I have to reassess when it will be officially announced.  I now have a strong feeling that MAtt Rhule will be officially introduced on Saturday at 10 AM CST, just in time to catch it live on ESPN and FOX football shows.   Rhule will do Cameo's throughout the day at the WBB and Volleyball games to promote the new era of college football at Nebraska.  Rinse and Repeat.

    EDIT: 11/25/2022

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