MN @ NU Prediction Thread!!! (And Attendance)

2022 Score Results: TomOs-4, Nono-2, Crawford-2, PT-1, Trashman-1

2022 Attendance Results: LCH-2, TomOs-1, Trashman-1, PT-1

So Crawford and TomOs tie at a 13pt difference total. PT gets within a couple 100 of the attendance. Nice! Well under 87k is a bit of a surprise on a nice day. Fans now golfing? Raking lawns? Apathy? Probably not going to improve much now as we’ve hit almost “must win” territory.

As for some numbers….sigh. But here ya go:

Rushing Defense: MN 17th, NU 115th

Pass Defense: MN 15th, NU 73rd

Scoring Defense: MN 4th, NU 100th

Rushing Offense: MN 12th, NU 73rd

Passing Offense: MN 105th, NU 50th

Scoring Offense: MN 50th, NU 78th

Uhhh, yeah. Statistically this explains everything from a HC with an identity, the record and the current MN by 16 spread. After only opening at 10.5, it’s nearly jumped a touchdown. Part of it is likely the Thompson injury and part of it is well, NU just isn’t very good.

Mickey has a lot on his plate, no doubt. And IL is the likely B1G West winner. But with the exception of MI, most of these are all winnable. They proved it vs Purdue, then disproved it vs IL. Playing an unprepared, non-practicing injured QB over a more experienced 3rd year guy feels like pretty poor decision making. Part of being a great OC is not only exploiting defensive weaknesses and adapting to strengths of yours. But also playing the correct QB (and the HC) and calling plays he could be successful at.

MN, WI and IA (and Purdue for that matter) are not great football teams. Maybe 8-9 wins for MN, 6-8 wins for the rest depending on who beats who. In short, they are all fairly average and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be at the minimum. But alas, we aren’t. And Mickey hasn’t changed the trajectory much.

Will Thompson play? It doesn’t seem like it. We kind of expected it was only a matter of time vs these defenses and what our OL had showed. He probably should sit out as long as possible with what’s coming down the barrel lol. Sounds like it’s Purdy starting and Smothers getting some series. The other side has 10 year starter Morgan and what will be a heavy dose of Ibrahim. Ugh.

Forecast has perhaps some brief wet snow overnight but just a normal football day. Kickoff at 41° warming to 50° by game’s end with 10mph wind increasing to 15-20mph. You can certainly pick NU and “motivator Mickey” if you want, but there’s not a lot anywhere that points to a win here. We could cover but that also fights statistics as NU is 2-6 ATS vs MN being 5-3. The Prophet says:

MN 31 NU 13

Attendance: 86,497

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  • Sounds like a lot of last week, see no reason to think otherwise. Would like to see more of Logan, if CT is questionable, his injury shouldn't be all that bad (bruised nerve, and bruised ego from working behind that O line). I wonder if they have an O scheme for LS, or has that been shelved by the Whip. MJ was a dual QB, good grief give LS a start if CT isnt right and get involved in the play calling.

    From the land of Paul Bunyon- 38

    Flat water state-21


    • Stunned Attendance- 87380

  • This season is all about the coaching hire, really doesn't mean a thing as to who wins this game or how many games NU will end up winning by the end of the season.

    Peterson = 5% chance

    Mickey = 10% Chance

    Monken = 10% Chance

    Rhule = 40% Chance

    Patterson = 40% chance

    Somebody else = 51% chance

    Attendance: 85022

    • That adds up to 156%. Hopefully that's the effort being put into the hire though lol. 

  • So, here is the deal.  I am going back to my ole way of picking the winner.  Trying to be optimistic has hurt me a bunch in the winner column.  Therefore, Minny 35 and NU 17 and the attendance for this sleeper is 86,876.

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