• I see this as a P game.. for NU

    Patience- not afraid to Punt (cant keep giving up field Position on Punts traded)

    Pressure- We need to Put Pressure on their Qb,  and AM cant succumb to their Pressure, (The Biiggg Mistake)

    Points- Every time we are in the RED zone, need the Points, TD's or FG's

    Poise- No Panic, every big (sorta) game wtih even teams, you are going to meet adversity, and how you deal with it.

    Physical- The team that has it.. wins..

    NU- 24,  MI- 17

  • wow nebraska by 11 points over Michigan. This is the first prediction I have seen anywhere close to this. We will see but I think 11 points is way to many point favorite.

  • This is a very tough call. Our defense is good, MI’s is also good. Oddly, I think we have an advantage at QB….if our OL keeps the DL pressure off. Stop the RB runs, and we are in business. McNamara has about a 140yd average per game passing and can’t run! If AM stays clean (or at least no big mistakes) then I think we’re in good shape. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask given AM’s age within the program. Special teams please just be ok! Out on a limb a bit here based on hope. Sheesh. A loss and enthusiasm won’t last long. While I won’t use the EXACT words yet, to me it’s more of a must win to me even over NW. Are we going somewhere? Is development showing? Let’s go Frost. Time to do something. We’ve had enough pars or bogies on the easy holes. Too many bogey or double bogies on the tough holes. This is a 400yd par 4 on a calm day with very little trouble on either side. Maybe a tough green. Hit it on and two putt for par. 

    MI 20  NU 31

  • Flat-water  Bug-eaters  -    27

    meat-Chicken skunk-bears    21

  • We are going up against a top 10 team which usually means a loss and I am going with that thought.  If we play our best and Michigan plays its worst there may be a possibility for a win.  I don't thin that is going to happen and Michigan will score 35 and the Huskers will get 21.

  • Attendance:  Standing room only!  89,999.

    The Game....I don't know. Both offenses will struggle, Defense wins the game with a pick 6.

    NU 21

    MU 20

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