Maryland @NU Prediction Thread….

I guess we have to award a winner for last week's prediction thread....feels a bit weak. All three of us had NU but LCH and Trash were tied closer in score. So up to date prediction thread leaders:Trash-5, LCH-3, TomOs/TJ-1, Nono 1.

MD opened as a 1.5 favorite, climbed to 3 and is currently at 2. Looking at the records, Sagarin ratings does have these teams at nearly a dead heat. MD 46th, NU 51st. So NU SHOULD be favored at home. Why not you ask??? Because we are dead freaking LAST in turnovers lost! Not a surprise based on what we've watched but a real big sheesh to that. MD cones in at a mid-pack 56th FWIW. 

So for this one, I'm sparing you much of the defensive/offensive breakdowns as MD is a much better offense (usually) and we are a much better defense (usually). IF we can keep the turnover battle at even or better, I think it's a 6th win and just ultimate jubilation across the NU fab world that we are finally bowl eligible LOL. The staff is saying the right things. Haarberg has to get back to "delivering blows and playing fun again". Quit "overthinking/analyzing". "Retraining the defense's eyes". Etc, etc. 

Hopefully Satterfield can keep it relatively as long as we're not down 14-0 after the 1st. The injuries matter but let's also remember the teams we are playing are like us. Not good. At all. Here it says you better get this one and not be letting this sixth win linger! I'll let my fandom continue for one more game.....

MD 21 NU 23



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  • When you have a team that just isn't very good in all aspects of the game and then add to it the pressure of trying to become bowl eligible, I think that can and will lead to player mistakes as well as coaching errors mainly on offense. 24-10  seems about right with Maryland winning.   I had a conversation yesterday at HyVee during the Veteran breakfast and I told this guy that in the old days when Tom was walking the sidelines, chewing gum and calling plays, he did not stare at a play sheet to determine what to do next.  He watched the game, talked to his staff and knew what was working and called plays based upon that and adjusted changed plays on the go!  These yahoos today, have no "feel" for the game and for the most part just go with what is next on the play sheet AND focus on finding a pass play when one is not necessary.  The closer they get to the end zone the worse the play selection becomes it seems to me.


  • Passing, passing, seems like to me, NU D is suspect in this area, see losses. MD has good stats with that part of the game, unless we get a consistent pass rush it could be a long game. Hopefully we can limit our errors to make it close.

    NU- 20 (about what we average)  MD- 30 (about what they average)  


  • I'm picking the same score as trash , of course this will be a triple overtime game and home field advantage wins out

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