one chatter keeps going on and on how lowa will not feel as much pressure to win the nebraska game as nebraska. I disagree 1000 percent. room if nebraska lose the game and can't go to a bowl perhaps a nineth place big ten may get against a team no one has heard of in a bowl no one heard of either how is that going to effect a Nebraska fan.. will it take 25 minute's or 25 seconds to get over the lost? Now lowa if they lose they have a real chance of not only have a undefeated season ruined(perhaps what a once in fifty years or once in a hundred years dream season to go undefeated) a lost may cost the teams in contention for the playoff pictures. By poll is not a dumb question on what lost is more important. But instead a very simple question which team is the Nebraska lowa game more important to regard to winning.  1. nebraska 2. lowa

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