IL @ NU Prediction Thread!!! (And Attendance!)

The spread has settled in between 7-8 at most places. Which feels close I guess. 

Beliema brings a team in that in 2 years has pretty well morphed into exactly what he hassle at WI. Tough defense, strong OL/DL, a great RB, decent QB and sound fundamentals. Funny how one coach can transform a team and another still was making excuses 5 years in. Hopefully Husker fans that fell for the "previous coach destruction" can see what can happen very quickly.

ESPN FPI has IL at 34th a 9-4 type finish and NU 71st with a 4-8 finish. Sagarin has IL at 24th and NU 68th. One can probably see where this is likely going.

Micket is doing an admirable job. This is a winnable game if he has things trending quickly in the right direction. Unfortunately stopping the run is a major problemo and quick scores by us (should they happen) just brings more smash mouth/west and tear unto our defense. Bret can't wait.

The Prophet thinks we hang around similar to Purdue. Fans will be involved early as it's been a month since home football. But this just has the feel of one side knows where they're heading and the other is still trying to figure things out after a reset. Winning the west will be effectively eliminated and bowl eligibility becomes the new (or old?) goal again. Sigh. 

IL 30  NU 20



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  • Huskers  35                                                                                                                                                                        Illini 31                                                                                                                                                                                Attendance 88.888

  • So Here we go again.  Struggling to find ways to be competive with traditional Bottem feeders.  Question1. Can rhey stop Trey Palmer?  Not if we can give CT time to get Huh I'm the ball.  Which is doubtful. #2. Can we run the ball?  No.  Not a chance.  MYbe Tommie Hill can break a kick return. That is possible.  #3. Can we stop their fun gMe?  Not likely.

    So to have a shot we need to get Palmer the ball and pray.  Oddsba ker think TJ Re will be 50 points scored.  If that is close we might have a shot.  Not a very big one however


    Illnois. 35

    Nu  28. 
    we cover again 

    • Attendance. 86;472


  • Nothing sets up NU ballers in this game to win. Ill very good D and rushing O, CT will get banged around with our leaky pass pro. Only thing to keep us in the contest is great punting by Huskers and Ill  turnovers.  Sad situation for MJ to be in. 

    Fighting whatever- 35

    Hapless little red-13 (where is Ted Lasso when you need Him)

    Attendance- 88790

  • ESPN has Illinois with a 68.3% chance to defeat NU.  That means that at 3-4, Nebraska has only a 31.7% chance to move to .500 for the season.  Not good odds.  Not good at all.  And while Nebraska is facing the top running back in the nation who averages 134.6 yds per game,  the Illinois defense only allows 8.9 pts/game while NU allows an average of 31.3 pts/game.  Yikes!  Illinois has won 5 straight to move to 6-1.  Make it 6.

      Nebraska Bugeaters            -            17

      Mascot-less Illinois            -             31

  • First one to 24 wins this game.  Just to screw with Trash's head I will go full Koolaid

    NU 42

    IL 30

    Attendance:  Weather in the 70's and sunshine, afternoon game, Volleyball game at the Devaney immediately following football,=  BIG crowd: 89,282

  • Nebraska needs an upset win and I will keep going with that until we do.  Nebraska 24 and IL 17.  Attendance will be high for this one.  89,856


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