• I sure listened to alot of big talkers wearing orange before the game but they have all crawled back into there tigers dens to cuddle each other and sob.
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    • Two University of Nebraska Wrestlers Featured In Gay Photo Shoot Sans Tights [NCAA Wrestling] 5035443/ two-university-of-nebr...

      The two wrestlers, Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan, are pictured nude on a gay porn site,

      Donahoe was a national champion in the 125 pound weight class in 2007. He finished third last year.

      Jordan is a junior. Now the Univeristy of Nebraska is investigating.

      And you thought trying to find out whether Lawrence Phillips threw his ex-girlfriend down a flight of stairs was awkward. Does the NCAA have a specific rule prohibiting gay porno shoots? The pictures were initially posted online by The Scarlet Project-a gossip and scandal site focusing on Nebraska.
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        • Steve - My issue is the photo of the Clemson player (above)....was there a great reason to post it?

          Apparently that didn't offend you...?

          FEW programs have faced the problems that we have.....

          Most NU "jersey chasers" simply chose to look the other way when it comes to on and off the field issues; particularly as they apply to the conduct of NU football players...both past and present.

          Latest? Thunder Collins charged with murder. in Omaha only 3 months ago.

    • What we have to be proud of....
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    • Tom just shut up. i'm tired of hearing about what we havent accomplished this year.

      Jason - What part of "we" are you?

      "Your" team just lost it's 4th straight big game in Div 2.

      I am an NU grad...and you are not.

      "Our" defense is better than in 2007....there was no way to go but up!

      Clemson has athletes. Our defense has continued to struggle with athletic teams.

      Where did "your" NW Missouri State defense rank in 2008?
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        • Yes I have....too bad that he didn't play VB in HS.

          He sucked in football; but his dad Larry (an old buddy of Callacant's from the Chicago Catholic League) likely made him play the game.

          When I heard that he was headed to NU it made me cringe.

          Our Women's Volleyball players would have been better football players than he was.

          Good riddance....

          NOTE: Naperville's Candace Parker, age 22, just named AP Female Athlete of the Year. She went to one of the "other" Naperville High Schools.
  • Zombie - Jason implied/called me a racist for calling Rex Burkhead "white"....

    PS...Rex is "white".

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    • Keeping players out of jail...this is coming from an NU fan....???

      I could only wish that the problems in our program had been limited to beer drinking and driving with a suspended drivers license....


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    • Our front four?

      Jason - You went to Buffalo Bills State!

      Reserve "our" for players and staff from NU...or at least graduates of NU!

      The university accepts more than 95% of it's applicants. Were you part of the "lucky" 5%?

      And...just what impact have you had on "our" season???

      "Our" conference is 7-8 vs. BCS conference opponents this year. "Our" conference has exactly TWO non-conference wins vs. BCS bowl teams.

      No doubt Clemson is shaking in it's boots over "our" wins vs. Iowa State, New Mexico State, SanJose State, et al....

      Remember...our linebackers suck!!!
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    • Good enough for Bo Pelini to beat (6) patsies, a MAC team and 7-5 Kansas!!!
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