Georgia Southern @NU Prediction Thread!!!

2022 Score Results: Nono-1, Tom-1 (on the dot!)

2022 Attendance: LCH-1


TomOs nails the score exactly! Nice. So we move on to the other so-called gimme of the schedule. So we hope. After struggling with North Dakota for 3.5 quarters, NU enters this game as 21.5-22.5 favorites at most places. Hmmmm.

Former USC coach Clay Helton brings his Eagles to Memorial after thrashing their own FCS school Morgan St 59-6. They're actually QB'd by former Buffalo player VanTrease. He struggled vs NU before. He was 27/50 for 224yds and an INT in a 28-3 loss. Against this defense he has to be better right?

Frost's 5th team almost feels like a revert to an AAC team. Offense seems improved, defense seems...hope to keep teams under 30? Can they do that this week? Potentially in some rain? 

Still not sure what this team is. Which in all likelihood isn't a good at this point in Frost's tenure. Probably sneak by this week (I hope?).


GA Southern 24    NU  34


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  • Huskers     42

    Eagles        21

  • Forgot Attendance, Night game:  88,072

  • I am changing my prediction from the other day.  Nebraska is a bad team( 30 losses in 4 years) that is poorly coached (lets call three consecutive time outs to give North Dakota more time to tie us at half).  They got away with it last week, but GS may be better than North Dakota is.  I think a lot of fans will show up because Nebraska is on a roll and they are looking for two wins in a row.  90, 366.  Final Score:  GS 31 and NU 24.

  • Have no idea how good/bad this GA Southern is.. but I bet there is a good number of players who would make the roster 2nd and 3rd team on  D-1 teams.They recruit in a hot bed of talent. If NU D can tackle and put a pass rush on their Qb, is still a big question. Should see the O operate better... still a work in progress. Anyway hopefully a win...

    NU steps on the GAS... 41

    GAS stalls out...31


    Attendance- 86,899

  • Offense and Special Teams finally have a game to shine.  NU 42, Defense still trying to find its footing with all the new pieces,  Georgia Southern 27

  • Sorry! Forgot atttndance! We'll say....87,859

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