Friday Night Lights!!! NU @IL

Well, NU is probably a game off the success pace so this one looms fairly large should Rhule and Co want a winning season.  Which feels like a longshot at this point. Offensively we're a pretty big mess. Every....single....for will scheme to take away whichever QB's legs are in the game. As well as Grant. Which leaves our fate on the arms of two 50% passing QBs. Or a defensive/special teams score. Doesn't feel like a recipe for success moving forward. Beliema doesn't have much more talent, and the stadium will be relatively empty. Can we bring enough energy to eke it out? Feels like Bret wins the scheme game along with a couple killer turnovers. 

NU  13   IL   19

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  • It's time a Husker coach finally beats Bullomia

    Huskers 27

    The Coached by Fatso 14!


    Go Big Red!

  • This will not be a game where good football is played, both teams struggle in all phases of the game.  Somebody has to win so I will pick Nebraska for the upset.  NU 17, IL 13

  • Ill is not a good team, lost a lot from last year in the D, Rb, O line gives up sacks, have one stud in the D line. With that, it should be a close ball game. Red comes out with hair on fire, like the field was.

    Red scare the Illini  NU-24 the other guys 20 

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