Just a want list to see where everyone is shaping up on this as I hope we are nearing a hire? Here's mine:

Whittingham, Leipold, Gundy, Kiffin, Aranda, Beliema, CP, Doeren, Urbs, Fickell.

Just miss: Calhoun, Rhule, Patterson, Clawson, DeBoer, Bohl, Mickey.

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  • Aranda, CP, Leipold, Klieman, Clawson, Fitzgerald, Urb (no chance), Ord's HC Nate Wells, Bo Pelini, Ted Lasso

  • Any of the Coaches listed seem like an upgrade from the Frost Era and most would probably prove to be.  Several on this list have new long term contracts that make this a wish list and not an actual option.

    Long term contracts = Gundy, Fickell, Wittingham, Kiffin, 

    Doern's contract is up next year so look for news soon from NCstate on that

    Leipold is just getting started at his university, as is Aranda, Bielma

    Urbs not coming without a 12 mil a year contract

    Chris Peterson stated in July he left coaching to get metally straight and he said he is on a long road to recovery

    So that leaves the just missed it guys to choose from.  2 former Big 12 coaches, 2 active Mountain West coaches, 1 Pac 12 coach. and Mickey.

    Just doesn't look like that many choices when you add into the fact 7 other FBS schools are looking at these same candidates.  The missing on your list in Obrien and he is in a position to move quickly with no ties to keep him at his current school in December.   Time will tell, Heck maybe the AD hire Suh already.

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