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I'm curious to what everyone's best and worst Nebraska memories are....?

List the top three (or more) memories for each and rank them accordingly.

My best Husker memories are:

1. Osborne's last game versus Tennessee (1998 Orange Bowl) and seeing him go out in style! Seeing Peyton play was exciting too.
2. The hiring of Pelini - there's so much anticipation for next season!!
3. Fiesta bowl with Frazier's run
4. Crouch's TD reception against Oklahoma

Worst Nebraska memories are:

1. Osborne's retiring ( I was still in high school when this happened, I remember they pulled a TV into my math class so we could watch the press conference. I stayed in the math room to watch the entire conference, and subsequently got in trouble for being late for my next class.)
2. Hearing on the radio about the tragedy of Brook Berringer. I remember I was in my high school locker room - everyone was shocked and didn't know what to say.
3. Realizing Callahan was slowly and surely destroying the program that took so long for so many people to build up. 'nuff said.

How about anybody else?

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best memories
1. 1995 championship, i still watch that thing. the whole game was a highlight for NU

2. matt davidson catch against missouri,

3. all the times our quarterbacks would block and hit the defender instead of taking the usual quarterback slide

the worst: Well while osborne was coaching there wasnt too much bad so this may be more recent

1. all the games during callahans era that we didnt even compete and our defense was non existent. it was hard to watch

2. when they swithed the nebraska/oklahoma rivalry. that in my opinion was one of the best rivalries ever. every year the winner of that game would go to the championship and now instead of playing oklahoma, we play colorado. we are too good to have people consider colorado as our rival

3. Osborne retiring. we have never been the same since then. though it is also one of my favorite memories having him go out a winner. so many coaches dont know when to quit and though i think he would of still been great for a while, i respect him more it. bobby bowden and especially joe paterno were great coaches but they just dont know when to quit.
Good post !
I agree with all of your acessments.

I was at the game when Coach Osborne
won his first National Championship.

We partied hearty in South Beach that night.

I love to watch Tommie Frazier's tackle breaking
run into the endzone.

Watching our D-line against Florida in 95 was a site to behold.
They punished the Gators for 60 minutes.

I saw the Huskers in Winston-Salem last fall but it
wasn't the same as before. It's a shame because
Coach Callahan had all of the weapons to maintain
a good football team. He and his staff lacked
motivational qualities in my judgement.
I wish them the best where ever they land.

I'm ready for some BoBall ! I'll follow spring practice
this year just to see who wants to step up first.
Everyone starts from scratch and will be evaluated
on their skill level. Nobody is guaranteed a spot.
They earn it! The Big 12 North just took a step forward.
We have some great Coaches in the north and I'm
looking forward to some smashmouth. We can't
expect to push KU around anymore. Pinkel, Prince,
and Harkin will step it up with some great recruits
in 2008.

Huskerpride Nationwide !!!
Worst memory for me was watching the Huskers lose to Missouri in 1978 and then get matched up against Oklahoma for a rematch in the Orange Bowl. And then I moved to Seattle several years later and had to cheer for Phil Bradley as the Mariners left fielder. But that game was cold, I was hung over, the Huskers were ranked number one, had just beaten Oklahoma and were a lock for another national championship. Rick Berns opened the first series with an 80 yard touchdown on the first play, running right toward me in the north end zone. The game was in the bag for about 15 minutes and then the wheels came off. I still shake my head when I think about it.

1) 1/01/05 - Orange Bowl -v- Miami; Miami is one of those teams I just love seeing ground into a fine powder, which the Blackshirts did admirably well. Visions of Frank Costa clawing his way out of the earth danced over the screen repeatedly, with Terry Conneally doing a victory dance. Simply beautiful.

2) 1/01/72 - Orange Bowl -v- Alabama; Nobody thought NU had a prayer against Bear Bryant's Crimson Tide. The previous meeting ended with a 'Bama victory, and it wasn't close. But on that night, all accounts were settled. 'Bama managed only one paltry TD, while Tagge and Kinney ran all over the field at will, all the while Bob Devaney kept his arms folded with a Big 'Ol grin on his face. That game was an early version of what would become many years of one-sided dominating performances by a huge red machine.

3) 1994-1996 This was not a specific game, per se, but Tom Osborne used to run sort of a summer program for disadvantaged youth in Lincoln. I had two pre-teens at the time, and my wife was in the final stages of cancer, so for those two summers, my daughter and son got to hang out with Chad Kelsay, Aaron Graham, Brook Berringer, Damon Benning, and a number of other really wonderful human beings, including Dr. Tom himself. These guys may never know what a bright spot they were during a very dark time. Oh yeah, there were those Championship things, too.

4) Tom Osborne returns as Interim Athletic Director.

5) The "Interim" is removed.


1) Black Tuesday - Brook Berringer died three days after the wife, really capping off a great week.

2) Bo Pelini was dismissed by Peterson and is replaced as defensive coordinator by Kevin "I never met an offense I understood" Cosgrove.

3) 1961 - It's amazing how history sometimes repeats itself; a person who was probably not the best fit for the program is replaced by a guy who hates to lose. Both losing eras were led by a guy named Bill, and both of coaches named Bill lost to Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma State, and Missouri...but beat Kansas State! Is that wierd, or what? Moral of the story; if you're going to Coach the Cornhuskers, please don't be named Bill. It's sort of like that thing with Presidents who get elected on zero years. I was kind of young back then, but it was either see the Cornhuskers lose, or help Dad with the bomb shelter, which fortunately only got used to store Mom's canned stuff, or the occassional tornado.

4) Osborne retires the first time - Nothing lasts forever; especially retirement. Besides, 60 (then) or 70 (now) is too young by today's standards. Just look at Joe Paterno, Penn State's version of Yoda, also known as "Joda". Paterno probably motivates his team by threatening them with a return to leather helmets and canvas pants if they lose. Joe Pa didn't have to learn about William Penn from history; they were probably boyhood chums. Dr. Tom can't retire when his peers consider him a young whippersnapper; that whole idea of retirement was doomed from the start.

5) 2007; Another Year without a bowl - Being a temporary LSU fan was not sufficient. I actually had to do work around the house. Yes, I got remarried. Like everything else in life, there comes a time when it's time to move on. I hear Callahan got hired by the Jets, which is no surprise. Different standards, you know. The Christmas/Chanukah gift most frequenly returned for a refund in New York is a Jets playoff ticket.
Best memories
1. Frazier's 75 yd td run against Florida in the 1995 championship game
2. Matt Davison's catch in 1997 against Missouri
3. Osborne winning his last game earning the 1997 team a championship

Worst memories
1. Bowl games against Miami Fl. (1984 Orange Bowl, 2002 Rose Bowl)
2. The Callahan era
3. Osborne retiring
1) Orange Bowl win over Miami. That team had it all: Fallen superstar (Tommie Frazier), unlikely hero (Brook Berringer), teamwork, superstar rises back up, unlikely hero blossoms into hero, national championship. It's still my favorite.

2) Fiesta Bowl thrashing over Florida. Watching that arrogant SOB Steve Spurrier have no answer for us was priceless.

3) 1994 win over Colorado.

1) 62-36 Black Friday. I never saw that coming.

2) 70-10 loss at Lubbock. Never should have happened in a million years

3) 2004 and 2007 bowl-less seasons. A college football team not making a bowl game today is like a sorry ass Eastern Conference NBA team not making the playoffs.
Best: Tom winning his first game against Oklahoma. And Tom winning his first National Title. I cried!
Worst: Hearing Brooke Berringer died. I cried again. Firing Solich and hiring from 'outside the box'. Talk about a major mistake!
Best Plays: Johnny Rodgers in the Game of the Century. And Eric Crouch's TD run against Oklahoma at home, putting the nail in the coffin and making Lee Corso eat his words that Oklahoma would win!
to my torment i was born without realizing the great football that was going on as i was growing up
i was three when we beat Miami
four when Frazier single-handedly bitch slapped spurrier
six when T.O. retired

u can probably guess these moments were meaningless to me at the time so i can't count them as my best memories though i wish i could

Stuntz's pass to Crouch in Memorial stadium during 2001 was the best but it was overshadowed by the dissapointing blowout in Boulder two weeks later

and on the flip side the disgust of firing pelini in '03 has been overshadowed by his rehiring in '08
Best memories...

Obviously the 94, 95 and 97 Championships are up there. I was one of the many who ended up at 72nd and Dodge. It was crazy. Woman flashing, Guys so drunk they were ready to fight one moment, and hugging each other Yelling "TOM OSBORNE" the next.

I'm not sure where these fit in exactly, but memorable none-the-less. The first game after Sept. 11th when both teams were on the field and the tunnel walk revealed police officers, firefighters, and military bringing Old Glory down the walk.

Taking my father-in-law to the Notre Dame game in Lincoln. The atmosphere was electric before the game. Hitting the bars down town and the UNL pep band coming in to play the fight song. The Husker Elvis's sat behind us, and 2 Notre Dame fans in front f us. I gave them some spare garbage bags when it started to rain a little. One of them was trying to rip arm holes out, and his buddy asked why. "to clap" he said. "For what?" his buddy asked. The game got a little stale but all in all a great day keeping me in my father-in-law's good graces for years.
Best memory: 1979 vs. New Mexico first game in Memorial Stadium.
Worst Memory: 1994 Orange Bowl v. Florida State. We were the best team with every crappy break going against us. Almost pulled it out at the end, but "wide left". Still makes me sick to think of that game.
Didn't help that we got jobbed by th refs. We should have had that won by 2 touch downs. Question is, if we had won, would we have had the same fire lit, and done a back to back to back? I'd like to think so.
My younger brother was in the Marines and whenever he was stationed somewhere that would air the Husker games we would sit on the phone and watch the whole game together. There was one time, in the late nineties, someone might know after I tell the story, that we were watching the Colorado game. It was a back and forth game and at the end of the game there was 54sec to go and we were behind and had possession of the ball at, gosh I think the 20 or something. So my bro and I thought that the game was over and said our goodbyes. 54sec later we were both on the phone to eachother and both said the same thing, OH MY GOD I HOPE YOU SAW THAT! The Huskers with many stops and starts took that ball down the field in 54sec and won the game. It was intense!

A few years later he was out of the Military and since niether of us had ever seen a home game we decided to go to the Game of The Century against OU in Oct of 2001. When the game was over we left that stadium in awe. It was the best thing either of us had ever experience, I'll never forget it.

My third best is yet to come. My son is now in the Navy. He will be taking me to the Missouri or Kansas game this year, this will be his first home game. I can't wait to see his face.

My worst memory is watching the first Husker game after my brother had passed away. I can't think of anything worst than that. But since then my son has taken on the tradition of calling and watching the game with me over the phone.

There's No Place Like Nebraska.

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