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I'm curious to what everyone's best and worst Nebraska memories are....?

List the top three (or more) memories for each and rank them accordingly.

My best Husker memories are:

1. Osborne's last game versus Tennessee (1998 Orange Bowl) and seeing him go out in style! Seeing Peyton play was exciting too.
2. The hiring of Pelini - there's so much anticipation for next season!!
3. Fiesta bowl with Frazier's run
4. Crouch's TD reception against Oklahoma

Worst Nebraska memories are:

1. Osborne's retiring ( I was still in high school when this happened, I remember they pulled a TV into my math class so we could watch the press conference. I stayed in the math room to watch the entire conference, and subsequently got in trouble for being late for my next class.)
2. Hearing on the radio about the tragedy of Brook Berringer. I remember I was in my high school locker room - everyone was shocked and didn't know what to say.
3. Realizing Callahan was slowly and surely destroying the program that took so long for so many people to build up. 'nuff said.

How about anybody else?

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Best Husker Memories

Jan 1-2, 1995: Nebraska wins the national title over Miami. I was in high school and watched the game with my family. We then proceeded to change between all the channels to get highlights of the game before (almost) everybody called it a night around 2 AM. I stayed up and watched the game again, still not ready for bed. Around 6 AM I was sitting on my front porch waiting for the Omaha World Herald. The delivery guy gave me the paper and I read the headline and saw the big picture on the front page. I put the paper on the dining room table and went to bed for a few hours of sleep. Why do I continue on the 2nd, well there was the party at Devaney (which I watched on tv) and laughing as PSU played a meaningless Rose Bowl game.

1996 Fiesta Bowl: Is anybody still shocked that this game was over at halftime? I am. I remember kicking back watching the second half. I think I did more clock watching and listening to the radio call than watch the game in the second half

1994 Colorado game. Remember this was the 250th consecutive sellout. I made it to #251 against K-state that year (I have a friend in Lincoln who's fam has season tickets). What a great game, just wish I had a DVD or video of it. That is one game I can watch over and over.

Worst memories

Losing to Oklahoma in the mid-80s. The worst was the 27-7 game where our D had to score a TD to prevent a shutout

Brook Berringer's plane crash. I was in college at the time and most of the day I was thinking there was 2 plane crashes in the great state. After 4-5 hours of trying to find out something, I finally learned there was only one crash and Brook was the pilot. Very sad day.

The firing of Frank Solich. I am a relatively young Nebraska fan (born in the mid-70s.) All my life I had known two things about Nebraska football and they were #1. the power running game and #2. we were different from other programs in that yes the fans did get frustrated by the losses to Oklahoma or in bowl games, but the one thing that wouldn't happen is that the university would pull the plug and fire the coach. The season prior much of the coordinators were let go and new ones brought in (including Coach Pelini), ut it still kinda felt like family because Frank hired them. The next year however, Frank was let go and not longer after the entire coaching staff. At that moment I thought Nebraska had lost its identity and became just another university. I will admit I was kinda excited about the hiring of Callahan (I wanted Houston Nutt, Bo Pelini, or Tony Samuel as coach, keep it in family). I was even out in charge by my family to give them a crash course on the West Coast offense ( I guess they thought all of the hours of NCAA football for the PS2 should work for something, besides I am the football junkie), but it turned sour quick to the point when Colorado won last year I actually cheered, for about 5 seconds, cause I knew BC would surely be fired.

Now time for a run of new good memories. Go Big Red, Restore the Order, Go Coach Pelini and the Blackshirts

1- 1991 to 1997 Need I say More Those teams were GREAT!!!!!!
2-The Big Three Years (Gill,Rozier and Fryar)
3-Eric Crouch!!!!

3-Last Year.
Ok, I have to add one more good memory to add: Sharing the love of the Huskers with my Dad. My whole life, I have been a Husker fan. I grew up in Nebraska, and lived and breathed Big Red. Reason being, I had 2 older brothers, and my Dad. All football fanatics. So I either spent my Saturday's baking cookies with Mom, or spending the day with Dad and the big Bro's, watching football. I opted football. As I grew older, the love for football and Big Red grew, and even though I moved to Iowa, I was still a Husker. My Dad was a truckdriver. And no matter where he was in the US, he always called me on Sunday mornings and said "How 'bout them Huskers?!?!". And we'd discuss the game. After they won the National Title against Miami, he had to pick up magazines and newspapers for me (in Pennsylvannia of all places!) because none were to be found in Iowa. The last game we watched together was against Florida for the title. He passed away the next summer. I still to this day, expect the phone to ring on Sunday mornings and hear his voice. So I guess you could say, my best Husker memories are of my Dad and our love for the Huskers. Go Big Red!
Best husker memory

1. This one is pretty easy. I went to school with Cory Schlesinger , so yes the 2 Touchdowns he scored in the 1995 Orange Bowl for sure. I was yelling at the top of my lungs as tears of happiness and pride were streaming down my face.Oh ya , and I was in a bar in Portland OR. People thought I'd gone nuts.HaHa.

Worst husker memory

Not being able to experience the thrill of watching a Championship Winning game with my dad.The first 2 in1970 and 71 were before I was born. The last 3 were after I left home.

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