I just read this opinion article on the JS and it got me wondering how awesome (or horrible) it would be if there were no limits on performance enhancing drugs in sports today. A ratings success I'm sure, but is it okay for us spectators to watch these athletes doing something un-natural (and probably harmful) to their bodies, just for entertainment? You really need to read this short opinion article here.

Can you imagine if swimmers (would Phelps do something like this??) made their feet webbed and widened their nostrils? How many Olympic records would Phelps have then? What does the future hold my friends:)

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  • I don't think that most athletes would ever consider making themselves "Freaks" in order to further their career. The doping stuff can and is happening, but the surgical enhancements would really be hideous. We are at least a lifetime away from "The Man from Atlantis" style webbed fingers and toes on any athlete.

    (I hope so anyway!! I can't imagine the public scrutiny of these people on the street!)
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