I admit that I am a huge fan of Brett Favre. The excitement and bravery he brought to the fiend each time he was a signal-caller gave me tingles. Is this guy going to come back and play any 2008 NFL ball? What do you think? How many more good years do you think he has in him? I personally would love to see him come back, but I think it will definitely be weird to see him in another uniform playing for a different team. It would be strange, very strange. Here is an recent interview with him (part 1, I believe) And some other Brett Favre videos for ya-

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  • I am a GB fan and a Favre fan, but this circus is out of control. He should have taken the money that the team offered for a NON-Playing role in the organization. No hit on the salary cap and no unemployment for one of their draft picks (since they can't have 4 QB's on the roster).

    We'll have to see if the team allows him to practice tomorrow and find out if Brett is really in charge of the situation. My bet is his being in a Viking uniform by the end of the week.
  • I will have to admit I am neither a Green Bay nor Brett Favre fan, but speaking form experience I think if he can;t come back in a Green Bay uniform, he should just stay retired. It sucked seeing Jerry Rice in a Oakland uni, Joe Montana in a Chiefs one (although my mom was giddy all over it), and Seau in a Pats uniform. I guess for me, yeah there is free agency and all, but when a guy is the face of a franchise for what seems to be eternity (my pro football memories start with Joe Montana vs Dan Marino in the SB) its hard to see that face in another team's colors. Brett has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in Green Bay and pro football. He is a definite first round hall of famer and if he wanted to, if he ran for mayor of Green Bay or governor of Wisconsin, there is a 90% chance of him winning it (I only say 90% because of the happenings in the not so distance past with the run for Nebraska's governor). So, in closing, to Brett, call it a career, enjoy the retirement, and if you seriously have the bug to be involved still, go into broadcasting or coaching, preferably broadcasting.

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