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I've been reading the posts about everybody raving that the season is over. We Lost a game to a team that wanted the win more than we did. We were ranked well above our skill level in the polls. We were not a top 25 program going into the year and that has finally been shown. I don't doubt that there will be ample ass chewing for some time to come, but that is something that needs to be done. Our guys got complacent with their ranking. They thought that TT, ISU, Baylor, and CU would see our mighty #15 National ranking and roll over. That isn't what football is about.

Now... for the question on everyone's mind.... Does Cody Green start vs. ISU? Coach Pelini says that will be a game time decision. Which means that he doesn't want to tip his hand either way to allow ISU to prepare for one or the other QB's. Good thought, but I think that putting the best player on the team means that Cody will start.

I was very impressed by Green's pocket presence. He stood in the pocket, looked downfield and when necessary to prolong the routes or decide to scramble, he was able to step into the pocket and not look like he was running for his life. All day long Lee looked under duress. Whether it was the O-lines fault or not, there were a number of times where he could have picked up first down yardage with his feet, but just didn't do it. He is supposed to be the faster of the two QB's, but his vision is lacking when on the run.

I honestly wasn't as upset about Lee's ability as a QB as I was in our Receivers ability to catch catchable balls. The drops were off the charts AGAIN. Guys, The reason you are on the field is because you are supposed to have good hands and decent speed. If you get the ball thrown anywhere near you, make a freaking catch. There is NO excuse for dropping a ball that hits your hands, and having a RB that enters the game in the 4th quarter should NOT have equal receiving yardage as any of you. I have no pity on you for the stairs that you are about to climb this week in practice. I have no pity for any of you if you are demoted to the bench. You had your chance and you failed. In the process, you probably cost Lee his position.

I'm not a huge Lee supporter, he plays like he's scared most of the time. Happy feet in the pocket, Changing EVERY SINGLE play at the line, NOT willing to make the effort to run upfield and possibly make a first down. What is with the lack of timing in your throws? In the MU game you hit HOW many receivers in the BACK? Come on... I don't think that you should lose your position, but there have got to be some changes on how you manage the game. Right now Husker Nation is in a FEEDING FRENZY over Watsons job, and I don't see the play calling as the problem. I see your Line Reads as the problem. Run the Play that was called! Watson is in the Booth and can see the field much better than you can. He sees something that will work and calls a play. RUN THAT PLAY!!! I don't go to games to watch a QB flap his arms like a damn chicken trying to figure out what is going on. I watch games to see DOMINANCE on the field. We had no problem with that last year with Ganz and the plays haven't changed. The guy on the field has, and I'm not very happy with how that is turning out.

Saturdays game was a disaster on both sides of the ball. There was NO emotion at all. Hell even in MU that poor guy was crying on the sidelines. Pretty funny, but at least he CARED about his team losing.

We have a couple of SHOULD WIN games coming up... Maybe BETTER WIN games, because the Sea of Red is parting because you guys gave up on Saturday. Show some Grit, show some Integrity, show some Fight, and for GODS sake WIN OUT!!!


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Comment by n1j2h3 on October 20, 2009 at 8:00pm
I do not think the season is over. I think if we make good adjustments we can beat every team coming up including OU. We have seen Zac play well, but it doesn't matter he is too inconsistent and what have I said since the begining? He is scared or he lacks confidence. I agree with you to some extent about our receivers and catching the ball but at the same time Lee will throw to the sideline and hit them in the knees and the same play will come up above their head the next time. Exclude Niles Paul's problem catching the lateral pass. No question, he should've caught the damn ball. I think the next 2 games should determine the starting QB position. Green will start the game I will put money on it. I'm not saying he will stay in the whole game though. I do not think the last game was a disaster on both sides. If the O would have done something I bet we would all be talking about how the D did a fair job. Watson will not loose his job but Lee will if he does not get into gear.

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