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Live from BugahaWest: What exactly was that? Oh yeah, a win

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

Where to start with what we experienced Saturday.  There was a o-line that kept Tanner Lee upright all day and a defense that couldn't stop a running nose.  There was something we thought was going away, a balanced offense.  There was a clear #1 at running back, maybe, heck just add the question mark?  Are you happy now?  There is a couple truths today I think we all can agree on.  #1.  We are not fans of Texas.  #2.  We are not fans of UNLV.  Let's roll then and see where this thing goes.

1.  70 plays for 463 yards.  Rushing 38-225, Passing 32-238.  That it's a pretty good balance.  On the bad side is the defense gave up nearly 500 yards of total offense. It's called overreaction Monday for a reason, but this opening act as a whole begs for a better sequel.

2.  Tre Bryant rushed for 192 yards.  When I read that while doing my little bit of research I had to do a double take.  Again with it be overreaction Monday after the first game it begs the question, is this the norm or is it a high spike over what will be the normal medium in terms of how well Bryant runs and how well the offensive line blocks as whole.  Only time can tell.

3. I was chatting with many of my fellow fans hear on Huskerspot (an impromptu invite for other to join, its a blast) and since I wasn't able to watch the game I asked the question:  How is Tanner looking in the pocket.  The answers I was getting were on the positive, words like poised, in control, competent came up.  I did find where he was sacked once and unfortunately I haven't found a replay of the play so I cannot judge where the breakdown came.  Speaking of breakdowns, there is the safety where Bryant was knocked down in the end zone.  Again, I didn't see it, but from what I could gather in the chat it sounds like there was a complete missed assignment in regards to blocking a run blitz.  Something g for the coaches to work on.

4.  The Blackshirts.  I am hoping, praying, begging the coaches find ways to tighten things up on the defensive side of the ball.  If the opposing QB is dropping back 3 steps, looking, then throwing that sounds to me like the DBs are playing to far off the line of scrimmage.  I am not saying get up close and bump and run (unless there is over the top help by the safeties), but I am guessing they are being coached to give a 7-10 yard cushion therefore making the first step forward.  I would much rather see a 5-7 yard cushion where the first step is a half step forward readying yourself to make the jump in whatever direction to cover the receiver.  This will help in having the QBs hold onto the ball for just another half second or so and it might be enough time for the pressure to get to him.  Again, time will tell.

How about a few game balls.

1.  Tanner Lee:  Good opening act, keep it up.

2.  Tre Bryant:  I am begging the coaches to ride the hot hand against Oregon.  It's a pretty good sign where a go to back can go 25-30 carries and give you 6 yards per rush. 

3.  I am going to give out a honorary game ball to USC long snapper Jake Olson.  If you haven't heard or read about this young man I think now is a good time to start.  When Jake was born he had a cancer that affected his eyes.  If I remember right at 2 he lost one eye to cancer before it went into remission.  A total of 9 times the cancer came back and he fought it off.  However, the last time doctors weren't able to save his other eye.  At age 12 he was blind.  Fast forward 8 years and he is a college student at USC and a member of the football team as a long snapper.  Anyways, this past weekend at the end of the Western Michigan-USC game he finally had the opportunity to snap the ball in a game.  The videos of the snap and his story are all over youtube, just type in Jake Olson.  I highly recommend these videos

"USC Jake Olson Blind Snap" by Express Highlights.  It's 2:35 in length

"USC Post-Game Presser W. Michigan"  It's 13 minutes in length.  They start out with the HC but immediately start talking to Jake about the snap.  Its worth the wait

"Jake Olson comes Full Circle" 5:53 in length.  This first appeared on ESPN when he enrolled at USC

"USC Football-Inspirational Story" 7 minutes in length and it's where the world first heard about Jake

I know that it's just a extra point snap in a west coast game but I feel in a world that is craving for bright feel good lights, no matter how fleeting they seem, that all should be enjoyed.

Finally before I wrap it up, Questions from the North End Zone.  This one comes from Nish

I see you have the Husker losing to Illinois, I would be interested in hearing why?  Simple answer is this.  I don't believe that this Husker team under this coaching staff has the talent nor developed what extraordinary talent they do have to the point where there isn't going to be that road game weekend where they come out flat.  It was a toss-up on what the surprise road loss would be and I gave it to the Friday night game  

Before I close I want to say I enjoyed chatting with you Saturday and can't wait to do it again.  Also seeing that this week the game kicks off at 3:30 NU time I more than likely will be listening to the game on internet radio and sleeping at the same time so I wont be joining in the chat.  Hopefully I will catch up with some over the next week and for sure next Monday morning while I am researching and getting ready to write my thoughts and opinions following the Oregon game.  Keep those questions and comments coming guy.  Thank you for reading.  God bless and Go Big Red.


We are Nebraska

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Comment by Nish on September 4, 2017 at 2:32pm

Great input Chris thanks for sharing.

Will have to check out the videos on the USC kid.

No way I could listen to a Husker game an sleep at the same time.

Someone would put me in an institution for yelling Bob Saget in my sleep!

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