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Live From BugahaWest: The kick still rings louder than Jingle Bells

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

T.J. O'Leary to snap, senior Jake Welch to hold, Henery to kick it. All walk-on's guys. The walk-on program just received it's biggest boost in the history of Husker Football. There are big time moments that you absolutely remember where you are. I was at work and I am thankful for youtube to be able to see and watch this and Suh's INT over and over again. I talked to my mom and dad later that weekend and they were still in shock. They tivo'd the game for me and I think were trying to find a way to get me a copy of the game. This game is now up there with the 94 Colorado game as two games that are must have in my DVD collection (I am saving my nickels and dimes for both of them as we speak).

A little bit of the tangent, the Main Event. Here are the contestants.

In the red corner wearing a red and blackshirt with white pants with red trim and a mean smirk

#93 Ndamukong Suh
Class: Junior
Age: 21 (DOB 1-6-87 for those wanting to send birthday cards)
Height: 6'4
Weight: 300
Claim to Fame: Big time d-lineman with a couple TDs and a boatload of tackles and sacks on the year.
Nickname: The Disruptor

And in the blue corner wearing a white shirt, brown pants, and shell shocked look that would make Kordell Stewart proud.

#7 Cody Hawkins
Class: Sophomore
Age: 20 (DOB 3-24-88 for those that want to send a Husker birthday card to him)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 190 lbs (soaking wet)
Claim to fame: His daddy is the head coach at Colorado, Dan Hawkins.
Nickname: Daddy's Boy or The Knat

The location, 10 yard line. After a great tip, these two young men went toe to toe, mano y mano in a knock out, dragged out, really quick one sided fight. Daddy's Boy went low and was treated harshly for it. It was a harsh left hand stiff arm followed by a left leg to the helmet. Daddy's Boy was just left in shock by The Disruptor. Winner by knockout Ndamukong "The Disruptor" Suh.

Seriously guys, think about where you sit right now and where you sat roughly this time last year. Are you more pumped up now after Year One of the Pelini Era? I can honestly say yes. The chills, the thoughts, the ideas were there at this time last year, but now the pride, the joy, the hope for the future have all been raised at least ten fold over last year even. Yes there will be graduations, but there have been glimpses of the future all year. Watson is sticking around and that is a good sign. Turner is staying at Buffalo, another good sign (can't wait for Buffalo and Ohio to meet on the gridiron, I hope it will be on Thursday night football). Carl and Bo will have a few more practices this year and all of spring ball to further enrich and teach thier young defenders the Pelini Dogma of D. The Blackshirts, my God, the Blackshirts will have to start throwing the Bones, and yes, they will earn their t-shirts again next year. Bring on the Tigers at the Gator Bowl. We have one more shot to show the country what Nebraska football is all about.

Another thought. At work there is a good size field that I would have to venture a guess is the size of a football field. I walked to the center and looked towards a cropping of trees that were at one end and even more glanced at a branch roughly that is the height of a crossbar. My friends, go to a local high school stadium, go to midfield and just sit looking at that crossbar. I know I couldn't even throw a football or baseball, let alone kick a football that far with nobody looking. Alex made that game winning kick with millions watching. I cannot imagine the pressure that young man felt, or heck, maybe there was no pressure on him, to him, it might have been just another kick. Still amazing.

Another thought. Thank God the game was Friday, if it were played on Saturday I don't think Alex would have been given a shot. Weather on Saturday was windy and a brutal cold.

Another thought. Anybody find a Alex Henery poster to put up in their kids' bedrooms? Secondary, any good still shots of Suh manhandling Hawkins at the end of his run?

A poem

There stood our plight
The future not so bright
57 yards away
Alex came to play
Oh it had to be a sight
The football spinning through the night
The shouts were loud and clear
Into CU fans it struck fear
From Scottsbluff to Omaha they would scream and shout
For through Suh, Henery, the seniors, and the entire team we showed the world what Husker Football is all about

Thank you for reading my posts and thank you for your comments. Merry Christmas to all just in case I do not get a chance to pop in for the holidays. The holidays is about family and I plan on spending those two days off with my wife and kids and also plan on spending New Years with them listening to the Gator Bowl on internet radio. God bless you and yours during this festive season and Go Big Red.


P.S. Coach Pelini for Coach of the Year.

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Comment by Chris on December 25, 2008 at 6:27pm
Jason, Nate, and the rest of the guys out there.

This is my labor of love. I love writing my blog posts and I love all your comments. If the Big Guy upstairs is willing to let me get paid for my writing, it will only be through a book of short stories or a good novel.

On the note of being a HuskerSpotter, when Nate gets this thing to the big time, I will be glad to just be one of his writers. Nobody in this world could give me the same satisfaction in a job well done as a blogger than him and the rest of the guys (and girls) here.

BTW, Merry Christmas.
Comment by Shayne Seibert on December 23, 2008 at 5:21pm
Absolutely brilliant writing. I can't wait for the post Gator Bowl blog!
Comment by NeFan4Life on December 23, 2008 at 3:47pm
Jason - yeah, they probably do. they also probably have a small army of workers keeping their site running . its just me behind the scenes here! huskerspot will get to that level someday soon, right??!
Comment by NeFan4Life on December 23, 2008 at 2:46pm
I totally agree Chris - I can honestly said that I'm satisfied with Pelini and the Huskers performance this season. I don't see how it realistically could've turned out any better. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jason - Chris is a Husker Spotter and I hope he doesn't go to any of those other inferior sites that you mentioned. haha

Thanks Chris for writing another insightful and wonderful Husker blog post!!!

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