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Dear fellow Husker fans,

I know, I know I hear it from the loyal readers.  Where were you last week?  I thought of writing something up after OSU but by the time the thought came up Bill Moos was hired on as AD.  So I spent the week looking into the new AD and listening/reading articles from people who are smarter to me into this whole deal.  A couple things hit me the most when looking into things.  #1 is that he is 66 and this looks like to be his last stop before retiring back to a ranch in Washington.  I am thinking we can expect 5-6 years of his leadership at the most.  #2 is this is his first big gig outside of the Pacific Northwest which I find interesting. #3 is that he has made 1 hire for the big cash cow program of the athletic dept, Mike Leech as HC of the Washington St. football team.

So, how does one approach this deal.  Yes, there is a swirl of gloom around Lincoln.  The last 2 games feel like piling on in a situation that is bad enough already.  I was thinking this thing through and decided to look at it three ways, from worse to best.  So lets roll it.

First, NU finishes with 6 wins or less.  In this regard I am positive that Riley is fired from everything I have read.  Now, you're new AD has his first big move being hiring a new HC by Dec. 8th.  Why Dec. 8th might be your question and the easy answer is this new HC needs to be able to try and rebuild the recruiting class.  Also, there is the deal of what assistants are kept and who is brought in.  Not exactly a good situation.

Second, NU finishes with 7 or 8 wins.  In this deal there is a bowl game adding a month of practices which we all know is a good thing.  This is also a deal on how the PSU game goes and how the bowl game goes.  There is a way that due to the current situation it still works out that Riley is fired.  Now it's not highly likely but it could happen.  Again, there would be the whole deal of can a HC be hired by Dec. 8th.  Also, have to remember the rebuilding of the recruiting class has to be quicker due to the early signing period/

Third, NU wins out with 9 wins.  Riley keeps his job for another year.  This is best case scenario and to be honest I hope it works out this way.  There are reasons for this.  The first is I don't think you want a new AD to be picking a new HC for the big program 2 less than 90 days after he is hired.  This isn't a deal where a HC is moving up in the world and you may promote from within.  The way this works is a firing and starting over, again. 

9 wins works in that it delays the things for a year and that's ok.  If next year is as bad as it could be, nothing is going to stop a firing.  Now, as a fanbase we have to acknowledge a few things.  First off, Nebraska is not a destination school right now.  Take a look at your list of dream head coaches and basically cut it down to realistic chances of getting said head coach.  People, as of the past couple days Scott Frost has said he prefers to stay in Florida.  That has to speak volumes when the favorite son is saying no.  That's like if Osborne said no to the HC job back in the 70s.  Our football world is a scary thing to look at right now with plenty of changes.  However, this is ok,  As a fanbase as whole we can weather whatever storm is to come if we understand a few things.  First, this is football, not life.  The sun will rise again Sunday even if Nebraska loses.  Secondly, in terms of football we want the same thing, a successful program.  Our differences lie in the fact we have different ideas on how that goal is reached and that is ok. Third, we have to respect those differences.  I am sure there are still folks out there clamoring for Bo. There are folks that are saying things wen downhill when NU chose Bo over Pelini.  There are folks that say the move to the Big 10 was wrong while others are saying it was right.  There are probably those that say it stared going downhill when Solich was fired.  We are humans and as humans we have different opinions.  The key is to know that and respect it.  Finally, this is college football, not pro.  These are 18-22 year old young adults.  They will make mistakes, we all do.  The key is to learn and grow from said mistakes.  We have to watch and listen to the games.  Look for improvements and find that star of the game.  This is college football, enjoy it, don't wallow in misery.

I can't think of much else this week.  I was looking at my blogging here before writing today and found I am closing in on my 100th blog post.  I was wondering if you, my loyal readers had any ideas or questions you wanted answered as together we celebrate that milestone.  If so, send me a message or leave a comment in the comments section.  God bless and Go Big Red.


We are Nebraska

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