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Live from BugahaWest: The Second Annual Christmas edition

Dear Fellow Fans of the Husker (and Santa) Red,

This is a season of giving, a season of joy, and a season of family. Last year I posted on Christmas Day handing out gifts to many and I had a blast. Well, as we sit here somewhat quietly but very anxiously awaiting the bowl game on the 30th, I figured, not much to talk about a few bowl games here and there, but on the whole, not much else. So, as I sit here I figured the best thing to do is, have a second annual holiday gift giving treat. But, before I get into that, I need to put up a personal note and one thing sports related.

Dec 23rd, 2009 will go down in history as the day that in sunny SE Arizona a few lucky early morning risers (and a father that works overnight who woke up his young son) were able to catch a glimpse of snow. Yes, it was snow for those that know my friends back in Nebraska who had the gall to ask me if I was sure it wasn't just a bad dust storm. It was cold, it was white, and it tasted like snow. So, yours truly got home that morning. woke up the family and took a few pictures, the not so brave (the teenager) went back to bed, the almost brave (the wife) and the brave (myself and the younger) headed to the park for a hour or so of building a snowman, making snow angels and having a snowball fight. The snowball roughly got to about 2 1/2 foot tall, the snow angels were awesome, and I am thinking if the son can learn location, he has a great chance of being a good pitcher. Well, in snowy SE Arizona all things must come to a end and by that afternoon the snow had melted and we were back to nromal. But for a hour or so, it felt like good ole Nebraska.

On the sports front we still have people saying Wats and/or Cotton need to be fired. Ok, some of the play calling, especially in the red zone has been questionable. But think about this, what if the plays being called worked, then where were you be with the argument. I have said it all year long and I almost feel like a preacher saying again, it's not the playcalling, its the fact that the talent isn't quite there on offense and they lack rhythm, consistency, and top notch talent on the o-line. You combine those matters with the injury bug that we had and that makes for a perfect storm in a bad way. Now, look at it this way as well, even with the bad offense, our beloved Big Red was in almost every game, had a shot to win at the end almost every game, ad a couple breaks in the opposite direction and they are 12-1 and playing in a BCS bowl game. Now, personally speaking I am calling that a very good year considering that most of us (well, those that have a good grip on sanity) were saying look forward to 2010, that will be the year. I will say it right now, keep on looking because it should be a great year. All the muttering of we'll be losing Suh, garbage. Hey, I know he is the best player in college football today and might be the best d-linemen in NU football history (Rich Glover might have something to say about that) but the fact of the matter is we have some great talent returning on D, there is a good recruiting class coming in, and lets face it, the offense has to get better, there is no other way around it. So, instead of calling for the ax-man, have some faith, enjoy the season and give Coaches Wats and Cotton at least another year. They will figure it out.

Well, time to hand out some Christmas gifts, grab your cups of cocoa, hang on, and here we go.

First, I have to send out a package to all the troops overseas and their families awaiting here anxiously for their return. Some of the guys and girls will get lucky and get to spend somewhere in the vicinity of 15 days at home for the holidays before being sent back overseas. There are those returning home from tours in Iraq wondering if sometime next year they will be heading right back out, this time to Afghanistan. To all those troops and there families, especially those that are with us here at Huskerspot, the many I met in chat at, and those I have had the pleasure of meeting here in sunny SE Arizona, in your package are bags of well wishes, hugs and kisses from loved ones, and a Bg Red Nebraska card wishing you a Merry Christmas and hurry home, the family misses you.

Second, a little closer to home one of my partners in crime here Jason your gift is the gift of sixth sense. I think you might already have it with your inside connections in Lincoln. Your breaking news reports beating even Tom Shatel with some of the news is top notch. From this end of the country to the other and worldwide, we thank you. Keep up the good work.

Third, to another of my partners in crime Daemon I give you the ice scraper and snow shovel I bought the other day due to the snow. I don't think I'll be using it again. Seriously though, that was just the gag gift, yours is right here, a director's chair from which you can make more great Husker videos for the populous. They are fun to watch and get the blood flowing.

Fourth, to all the new arrivals this year, especially the transplants from the Lincoln Journal Star website I give to you a gift of understanding. Yeah, we may have our differences of opinion on how things should go but you have to remember football is just a game and our favorite team is comprised of 18-22 year old young men. This isn't the crap overseas (although Congress wants to take a break and call the BCS illegal, get back on the economy and health care already) and it isn't life. We all want to see the team succeed but in the long run if they lose some weeks, the sun will still rise on Sunday. Besides, maybe we should take a lesson from the prayer and apply it to our lives in general, not just in sports: "Day by day, we get better and better, till we can't be beat, wont be beat." Do you think they have a plaque of that somewhere? I would love to hang it on my wall right by my "Footprints" picture.

Fifth, to one of the sisters in crime Lisa in your box is a fail safe preservation of all your pics from your trip to San Diego to see Shannon, send some good vibes to him for me as well. Personally speaking from the desert the only time we like water is either when we're drinking it or swimming in it on hot 100 degree days.

Sixth, to another of my partners in crime Shayne I give you the knowledge of higher conscience. It seems that through the year when some have run off their typing without really thinking you brought in the voice of reasoning. Keep it up bro.

7th, to Head Coach Bo Pelini, you don't get the plaque yet but we're working on it. You done good this year in keeping cool and I will say this, you did the right thing in questioning the Big 12 on the issues at the end of the UT game. Yeah, there might have been one second left but the fact of the matter is this: I have never seen the last play of a game reviewed in terms of whether there was time left on the clock or not. Just my own thinking on that.

8th, to the Big Man "King of Spears" Suh (that's easier to spell than Ndamukong) I am not going to give you the first pick in the draft, rather I am going to give to you being picked by the right team with the right system for you to fulfill your potential in the NFL. As it is right now the top 5 in no particular order is this: St. Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Cleveland. I know the selfish side of me would love for San Fran to package a deal that included their 2 first round choices and trade up into the top 3 (he'll be gone by then guys, of that I am sure), but that's not going to happen. So of the lesser of 5 evils I would love to see Suh in Tampa Bay. They are a young, growing team, and with a few more pieces could very well make some noise for years to come. Plus you add the fact that they play an aggressive D which hit some bumps this year due to player losses (Derrick Brooks is huge) and in reality it wasn't their D that let them down, it was the offense (where have I heard that before) that would be a great fit for the Big Man from Oregon.

9th to the Big Red Pipeline (the o-line) in your package is videos of the Pipelines of the past. Look at how they move in one fluid motion, they are in sync, and how they drive d-lines backwards 3-4 even 5 yards at a time. Get that grit, get that heart, and have the fight.

10th to Roy Helu Jr and Rex Burkhead a video of Calvin Jones and Derek Brown from the early 90s. Yes, I believe that by this time next year, we'll be calling this Duo We-Backs 2.

11th to Tre Robinson, can we add a third to that duo?

12th to the Blackshirts a continuation of what you guys did this year. To those returning next year have the same drive, the same heart, and the same nastiness that brought such great success this year. I am sure on the greatest plays video being played at the end of season banquet that most of the plays were made by the Blackshirts. You guys were fun to watch this year, keep it up.

Finally to our fearless leader Nate, did you go MIA bro? In your nice gift wrapped package is continued success here at Huskerspot. Yes I kick started a blog at bleacherreport, but it is here at the Spot where I feel I have my most loyal readers, my biggest fans, and receive my most fan mail. This is fun to do and I thank you for the forum in which to do it in.

Well, that's it for this year's Christmas edition. Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog posts and thank you for your comments. Merry Christmas to all out there from now sunny no longer snowy SE Arizona. God bless and Go Big Red.


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Comment by Shayne Seibert on December 28, 2009 at 10:47am
Thanks Buddy! I hope you had a great Christmas and am glad that you were able to enjoy the snow for a while. We will be buried for the next century I think!

I enjoy reading your blogs on both Husker Spot and Bleacher Report. Keep up the good work!
Comment by Lisa on December 26, 2009 at 7:37pm
Chris, while it would be great to meet Shannon some day, my trip to San Diego was to be with my son Brody Heilig, you just welcomed him to Huskerspot today 12/27. But thank you for your hearfelt gift. And if there happens to be another Lisa on Huskerspot, who went to San Diego and who is related in someway to Shannon, enjoy the time you spend with him...moments are few and should be cherished.
Comment by Lisa on December 26, 2009 at 7:28pm
Chris, I am so glad you were able to share that snowy moment with your son...the magic.

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