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Live From BugahaWest: O U have to Beleive

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

The spread this past weekend was 5 points. How do I know this? Cause I took a quick glance at the spread after picking NU over OU on my yahoo pick'em game (I wont go into more detail on my gaming, just note beyond the game in Lincoln, this weekend stunk). I told you guys in a few discussions you just have to believe and if you don';t fully believe, give your tickets to somebody who does. I told you top to bottom that pretty much NU and OU were equal, great defenses, shaky offensive lines, and inexperienced QBs. I told you with a few breaks it could be done, 5 caused turnovers by the vaunted Blackshirts and a OU kicker with worse case scenario nightmare kicking woes spoke volumes in terms of our beloved Big Red catching some breaks. So, what do we take out of this game. Let's run down the list.

1. Ndamakong Suh is the best defensive player in the country. Did Gerald McCoy even show up this weekend? And those Bama fans talking all about Terrance Cody as being huge, well, he's big but he's not better than a man named Suh. I did my espn Heisman poll and the big man is back to %20. Back to McCoy though, did he even have a assist? I didn't hear his name called on the radio broadcast (sunny AZ was left to PAC 10 ball). I enjoyed the radio crew once more, they were having fun.

2. To some who will remain unnamed, Matty OHanlon can play safety in college ball. FACT: O'Hanlon more than made up for the V-Tech game. FACT: The team as a whole lost the VT game, not just one player. FACT: O'Hanlon had more retunr yards on his INT's than any NU receiver had for the game. FACT: It's not the color of the skin that makes a player, it's the size of the heart in the player that makes the difference.

3. Roy Helu Jr made a nice rebound from a October nightmare and started November just fine. Yeah, offensively I think many of us are nervous about the lack of production, but don't fret, OU's troubles were offensively as well. Both Nebraska and Oklahoma have top notch D's, it's just a matter of getting an offense to make it work.

4. Shawn Watson might have finally listened to his twitter posters. Time and time again, we said run the damn ball, use some power, and when will the FB get some carries. As Meat Loaf once said, two out of three ain't bad. Yeah, I question a few play calls, the pass on first and goal from inside the one is kinda scary. Zac did a great thing though, he put that ball where only Hill could reach it (I saw a replay on youtube). Now, the fumble after Helu's long run had me scratching my head. Ok, Helu just busts a deep run going off tackle, so instead of pounding the heart of the D with a run again, you call option. First, Zac Lee doesn't scare a whole lot of people running option. Second, he pitched the ball after a mere 3 steps. Third, the pitch hit Helu in the face mask, that's how off it was. Shawn, baby, CJ Zimmerer is questioning his commitment to NU. Why do you ask? Because Legate has yet to make any noise totting the rock. Shawn, baby, this is the 21st century, since the 90s fullback have been carrying the rock with plenty of success. Do the names Makovicka, Schlesinger, and Alstott ring a bell? If not, let them run over you a few times and see how much you like it,.

5. Back to the defenses. This is a paraphrase of part of the radio call. At the end of one quarter Nebraska has 20 yards total offense and Oklahoma has 9 yards total offense. The teams combined for more penalty yards that actual yards in the first quarter. I think NU had 74 yards in penalties in te 1st quarter, thankfully they shaped up.

6. To those that say whoa to the future without "Spears" Suh. Jared Crick had another rmonster game. Now I am not saying he will be another Suh, in fact Suh maybe that once in alifetime d-lineman, like Rich Glover back in the 70s and Neil Smith in the late 80s. However, Crick is only a sophomore and look what the Pelini brothers did with just two years with Suh. They get Crick for 4. The future looks bright pn the d-line.

I just want to put out a shout to all of college football this year. Starting this weekend I will have Sunday night and Monday nights off so I at least get the pros but its not the same. Ask anybody that knows me, football in general fires me up, pro gets me to a nice easy boil, and then college gets me to a fired up level that makes the sun blush at times. Iowa lost this weekend, OSU had a great game vs PSU, of course our beloved Big Red became bowl eligible. This is what makes college football beautiful and the only way it gets better is if there was a play-off system of some sort.

Another shout out to the guys at Husker Vision. The video before the Tunnel Walk was beautiful. It was like going back to the Tunnel Walk late in the lost era which featured "I Play for Nebraska". Then the seamless tranistion into the Tunnel Walk followed by two beautiful plays from the NU OU1 rivalry to punctuate the & big hits an 6 points (Ruud's hit in 1978, Mikle Stuntz to Eric Crouch in 2001). I could maybe think of better TD's but they are few and far in between.

Finally, another shout out to all the fans that were in Lincoln for the game. Whether you made it in the stadium or not, you filled me with pride in being a Husker fan once again. A few papers out of Oklahoma were expressing once again how they were treated with respect and graciousness this past weekend. You guys in Lincoln make all of us in Arizona, Kansas, Cali, Colorado, the East Coast, the Left Coast, and overseas proud to be Nebraska fans.

Well, that's about it from sunny Arizona. It's KU time, and hey, we're bowl eligible. Time to run the ball over a D that is not up to par with Oklahoma's. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and thank you for your comments. God bless and GO Big Red.


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Comment by Lisa on November 10, 2009 at 10:17pm
My son lives in San Diego and had to watch the USC game, but kept track of the score at the bottom. He said it frustrated him cuz the score didn't change often and he was wondering what the heck was going on with the game. On the ship they get really slow internet so any thing that has to do with a flash player or any kind of buffering is out.

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