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Live From BugahaWest: Merry Christmas from sunny Arizona

Dear Fellow Husker Fans,

Merry Christmas to all you out there and I hope that those of you that are battling the cold and snow are keeping as warm as possible. I write today because at this moment I have a few minutes to say a few things to my second family, my family of fellow Husker fans. There might be some football tidbits mixed in here cause to be quite honest I have spent the last two days with the wife and kids so I really didn't have time to do my normal research which I am sure you all understand due to the holiday season.

I want to thank all you guys that commented on my last entry especially the thought of me going big time on the writing. There are many things I consider a hobby, collecting race cars, cooking on the grill, writing, and reading. When one is given a bigger audience because they are great at their hobby, I think there comes a time when that hobby becomes work. Look at professional athletes, they are paid millions upon millions of dollars for playing kids games, a hobby. What do every single one of those guys say when they either get traded, demand a bigger contract, or are frustrated. 99% of the time the phrase "that's the business" comes in implying it is work. I replied a bit on my last blog to the comments and I want to bring it up here. If I was to ever be able to catch the break and be paid to write, it becomes a job, a job I would greatly love to do, but still a job. Being here blogging for you loyal readers gives me some freedom. Yes I love to have a blog post up once a week, but that is due to my love for the trade. In all honesty I get to set my own schedule, do my own research, and write whatever comes to mind (as long as the language is kept clean for my younger readers). I could be controversial (wait till the off-season, you'll get a kick out of controversy), be a history teacher, be opinionated, or just do what I am doing today and that is writing to be writing and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and just see what comes up. If I were to have this as a paid labor of love I know for sure I would never have that sort of freedom. I thank you all for the freedom to write whatever I please.

To all out there with family in the Armed Forces, I thank you and your family members for that ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Everybody seems to want to say thank you to the troops and I am all for that, but we must also remember that families and loved ones they left behind anxious awaiting for their sons or daughters to come home. In today's Sierra Vista Herald there was a piece on a group of guys and girls that got home yesterday here at Ft Huachuca. It was the 11th Signal Brigade that arrived home yesterday. I know the families of those troops returning home are in for a joyous Christmas. If you would like to read more go to Also, to those families, Merry Christmas.

To Lisa and Shannon, Merry Christmas to you both on a personal basis. Shannon, I have a feeling you are having a tad warmer weather there than we are here in SE Arizona. I do hope and pray you get to come home soon my friend. And Lisa, here in our tiny corner of the world known as BugahaWest, we are praying for you and your family in hopes of a soon and much needed family reunion. I want to tell a bit of a story to show I know the feeling. In October of 2007 I took a much needed vacation to the great state to see my mom and dad and to show off the kids. Well, when we were within about 30 minutes of my folks place I called my kid brother and told him where we were. He said he would meet us at home in about 45 minutes. Anyways, this is like midnight and we reached my mom and dad's house. We hugged and talked with my mom and dad and kid sister. Well, 10-15 minutes later my kid brother walked in the door and he and I embraced. The thing is he served a year in Afghanistan, another year in Iraq, and was finally home at the same time I was for the first time in 8 years. He got to see my wife and kids for the first time. To say mom ran faster than Tommie Frazier for the camera is a understatement. Anyways, here's a prayer and thank you to you to.

To all the Clemson fans that came by to start a friendly (?) rivalry of words about the upcoming game this New Year's Day. Merry Christmas to you. I might speak for myself when I say I hope you have about as a good first year of marriage with your new coach as we have had with Coach Pelini. On that note, here's hoping the Big Red and the Blackshirts show you just how much farther you have to go to reach the top Go Big Red.

To the site cynic, Tom, Merry Christmas to you and here's a bit of advice on a New Year's resolution you might try. Instead of being the cynic and moaning about how things are going, why not be thankful for what we have got, not only in our personal lives, but from the Big Red team as well. Do you forget how much of a mess the program was in under Pederson and Callahan? What about the fact they tried to bury tradition. You seem to be the type that values tradition and all so look at the good things, Coach Osborne and Pelini are working hard at restoring the tradition, one Husker at a time. I for one am grateful that Pelini has the emotion and shows it some on the sidelines. A little fire never hurt anyone and he admitted himself after a few of the penalties he got that he needed to learn to calm down a bit. This was his first full year as a head coach, we're not going to get Superman overnight. Even Coach Paterno, Bryant, Bowden, Osborne, and Devany had to learn to crawl before they learned to walk and run. Give him time my friend.

To Jason, Daemon, Shayne, and the rest of the forum starters, Merry Christmas to you all. I know it seems like I don't reply much to your discussions, but it is only because I like to use some of the thoughts you start in my blogging. You guys are truly part of the heart and soul of this fantastic site. Your knowledge, questions, and thoughts provoke people to think about what is going on with our second family, the Husker program. Continue the good work my friends. Again, Merry Christmas to you.

To all the new member of Huskerspot, Merry Christmas. To you I wish for a inside will or fire to build up wanting you to put your thoughts down and share what you are thinking. It only takes a hello to get the ball rolling. You will not be ridiculed and any and all thoughts you have are more than welcomed.

To Alex Henery, Merry Christmas, and here's hoping you get the scholarship you so richly deserve.

To the Nebraska men's soccer team, Merry Christmas and no you will not be receiving Alex under your Christmas tree, he's a football player now.

To Coach Pelini, Merry Christmas and Happy 1st anniversary. I firmly believe that you more than exceeded what we all realistically hoped for out of this, the first year of you as our head coach.

To the Blackshirts, Merry Christmas. In that beautifully wrapped package for you is a tape of stars of the past throwing the bones after big plays. Learn it, live it, and use it again.

To Nate. our fine and benevolent leader, Merry Christmas. You have given us, 1000+ Husker fans a place to come to and share our love for Nebraska football. You have given some, the discussion starters a place to start debates and provoke others to think. You have given others, the bloggers a place to apply our trade. You followed a dream, worked hard at achieving it and accomplished it. Thank you for this wonderful site, your true labor of love, and here's to a wonderfully successful New Year.

To everybody else out there, tha includes all 1000+ of you, to you and your families, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Nebraska victory to kick things off, New Year.

Thank you for your time in reading my posts and thank you for your comments. Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year to all, God bless you, and Go Big Red.


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Comment by Lisa on December 29, 2008 at 2:18am
Happy New Year to you Chris. Thank you for your prayers and your understanding. I will be seeing my son in April on his 21st birthday and believe me I understand the "Mother Frazier" comment. lol Please extended my thanks and holiday wishes to your lil brother and the rest of your family. At this time my son is safe in San Diego and won't be boarding his ship until Sep 09, so I understand that anytime your brother can be called away again. Believe me...I understand your concerns. In 91' I watched CNN 24/7 when the war broke, because my lil brother was there. So I will be say prayers for him. Chris, I have to say you are such a kind person, your wife must be one lucky lady. Anyhoo Thanks.
Comment by NeFan4Life on December 29, 2008 at 1:50am
And Merry Christmas to you Chris!

I did have a wonderful time getting away from work and spending time with my family, indulging in some great food, and watching some football. I've said it before Chris, and I'll say it again - you really add so much personality, pride, and heart warming words to Husker Spot with your blog posts. I started this site with a vision on connecting Husker fans from around the nation, and you are a magnificent part of this. Nebraska football fans truly are the best fans in the nation, and you are such a wonderful part of this online community of fans called HUSKER SPOT!!!

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