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Live from BugahaWest: It was ok, for a half

Dear fellow Husker fans,

At halftime of this past week's game, the score was reasonable.  In fact, take away the usual Tanner Lee pick 6 and Nebraska is ahead.  Then the second half started and it seemed like Wisconsin made all the halftime adjustments while our beloved Big Red regressed.  Their freshman looked as good as Barkley from PSU.  That kid by himself is going to make the next 3 years rough. But, I don't really want to cry about the game, I want to look at the pre-game aka the Tunnel Walk with the '97 team.

1997.  What a year and it's scary that it has been 20 years.  If you were alive and are old enough you remember where you were for some things.  I was in my university dorm room praying for a miracle the night of Frost to Davison via a flea-kicker.  Folks will remember where they were where a young Scott Frost went on national tv making a case for the Big Red.  That was an amazing, magical year and it deserves to be looked on with high regards along with '94 an '95.

I bring up 97 because so much of things I remember in my life have somehow had a way to be related to Nebraska football or sports in general.  The Cubbies won the World Series last year, second best thing of that day considering my extended family welcomed a new member to the Husker clan earlier in the day.  The day Dale Earnhardt Sr died is the first time my wife and I watched a NASCAR race together.  I've had family members get married on a Nebraska football Saturday (all the radios afterwards were tuned to the game) and I have had to fly back to Arizona on Nebraska football Saturday after attending my grandmother's funeral.  That one hurts because that was in 2015.  Earlier that summer the family drove back to Nebraska to see family and when I say family, I mean practically everyone.  It was a good visit because we took our 2 grandsons with to show them off.  Great pictures and great times are the memories.  Little did I know I would be flying back in September to bury one grandma and driving back in December to bury the other grandma.  The burial in September was my mom's mom and it stunk plenty because that was part of my summers being buried as well as a great night in 1996.  Jan of '96 and somehow my grandma and I were alone watching the second half of that great game vs Florida.  I don't even know where the rest of the family was, maybe watching the game in another room, but that's how it worked.  The scary part, yes we would cheer but there was a peacefulness to that moment.  I don't want to say I knew it was in the bag, but I knew I was having a special moment and I enjoyed it.

Fasst forward to 2001.  My wife and I were expecting our youngest son and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  He was born before Black Friday 2001, the day Colorado crushed NU.  After I got home from work that day and finding out the final score of the game, my wife handed me our newborn little one.  I had diaper duty and what a way to start to spend time with my son.

Fast forward to 2015 and waiting for that flight back to Arizona.  I was enjoying a coffee and the game before the flight.  Well, the coffee anyways because the game wasn't meaning much to a 30 something year old who's life was temporarily thrown out of whack.  Nebraska ended up winning that game about 30 minutes before I boarded for the flight back to Arizona.  I went into business mode during boarding, but when I took my seat and stared out the window a thought came to mind, Husker Nation lost a member and I lost my grandma.  I wouldn't be able to enjoy bowl games with her anymore. 

You might be asking why the quick stories from the past.  I don't know really and maybe there really isn't a point to them except to bring a smile to the faces of you, my loyal readers.  At this time of what can be considered Husker nation turmoil, I think we need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Football is a sport played on a 120 yard field with elongated ball.  The ball bounces in wild ways and for a great span of many years the ball bounced NU's way.  I don't have the answers for the new AD or what to do in terms of the coaching staff.  I don't even ave the answer to what to change to when its time to change coaches.  Is it a defensive minded head coach or offensive minded?  When there is a change, is there a change in the offensive philosophy and if so what to?  I have ideas, but not answers to these questions.  What I do know though is like the great memories I have of the past I would love for more to be made in the future.  The good thing is, it'll happen and I know that for a fact.

I can't think of anything else this week.  It's time for Ohio St and try to enjoy the game.  God bless and Go Big Red.


We are Nebraska

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