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Dear Fellow Husker fans,

It's amazing how sometimes things come together and a person gets a idea to restart something that was once long forgotten.  It happened not too long ago when I had a email and a post on my facebook account bringing me back to my Husker fandom home.  Many of you probably don't remember me, but from 2008 to 2013 I was a regular/semi-regular blogger here racking up 89 blog posts in that short amount of time.  Anyways, life has a way to get in the way for awhile and it did in more ways than 1.  Then, the email came, the facebook posts followed and a idea started forming in my tiny little brain.  Then I started chatting with guys about the changes in the news cycle from when I started blogging to now and the idea in my brain grew more.  Finally, I looked at my life schedule and there I found it, time to blog, just a hour or so to put down my opinions and maybe, just maybe, show you, my loyal readers why there is a blogger of the year tag on my personal page here (given to me by our benevolent founder Nate aka NEFan4Life). 

So, this is how I am going to try and run this thing for now.  I wont be giving out a rehash of the game because even if I did that on a Sunday afternoon with the way the current news cycle is, that would be old news.  What I will try to do is pick out a couple stats that I think are important from the previous game and expand on those and give an opinion on why I think they are important not only for the previous game but the rest of the year.  Now I want you guys to understand, like Mike Gundy said years ago, "I'm a man, I'm 40."  I also work the graveyard shift on Saturday nights.  I am going to need my sleep for work so there are games I will be missing.  Also, I don't have the disposable income to afford the Big 10 Network so what games I do wake up for have to be on regular tv, cable, or I will be listening to on internet radio  (again, please bring Kent Pavelka back to football).  This hurts me as well as helps, because I can stick with being more of a opinion page.  I hope you guys enjoy the reads.

Now, I was reading back on my previous postings and I found I never really explained where my football knowledge came from.  I'll be honest, beyond playing streetball I never played a down of organized football.  My small amount of football knowledge comes from watching the games.  I try my hardest when watching to figure out where the blitz is coming from and for the most part, I am wrong.  I enjoy the game of football and watching a good close defensive battle (to me) is as much fun if not more than a offensive shootout.  Yes, I love defense and I love the Blackshirts.  Speaking of which...

The talk has been Coach Diaco's 3-4 defense.  Years ago I called it Pelini's Dogma of D.  Didn't work as well as it should so there needs to be a name change.  Maybe Diaco's 34 will work.  Hey, maybe you, my loyal readers could help me come up with a name for this new version of the defense.  Anways, I want to point out one thing I like about the 3-4 and it's QB pressure.  The QB has to figure out where that 4th, maybe even 5th guy is coming from.  The great thing is, during that split second of hesitation the play could already be blown up.  The QB confusion could cause loss of yards, incompletion, or even better, a turnover.  The best part is, i the defensive backfield you can have 6, 7, o even 8 dropping back in coverage if the pressure can be established using only the front 3.  Now, again there is the deal with having to stop the run.  Again, with my limited football knowledge, I think in this regards, linebacker play is most important.  Yes, the dline has to keep the oline busy, but the linebackers need to be able to move laterally and shed blocks.  In fact, in my opinion linebacker play, especially from the 2 inside linebackers is the most important.  Those guys have to make stops and if not lead the team in tackles, be in the top 5.

Now, as for the offense.  I have been on youtube my past few weekends watching Tanner Lee at Tulane.  I know people are saying he isn't mobile, but watching  him in the pocket he does have the ability to move around.  Now, whether or not he takes off, that I haven't seen yet so for Tanner I have come up with an important number: 0.  As in zero yards rushing on the year.  As you know, sacks count for negative rushing yards in college football.  If Tanner, and in essence the oline can prevent sacks and if he just makes a couple of plays this year using his legs, that will go a long way to a successful year.  As for the runningbacks, they need somebody to step up and take the starting job.

I was listening to a podcast and the guys were talking about the jet sweep play and how the offense needs to make the defense respect the inside dive play.  That got me to thinking, what if instead of a runningback, maybe a fullback or one of the tight ends is that back in the backfield.  Can you imagine 10 guys on the defense taking a step in the direction the WR is motioning to and you come back with a quick inside hitter with the back.  It wont go for big yards but I bet it would be good for 5-6 yards at least.  Also, it gets the defense to respect the dive play.

My final point before the main event of this blog post is this.  Newspapers had a page where people could write to the editors, ask questions, etc.  I want to try and do that here so you guys and gals, my loyal readers have an opportunity t ask me any question in a segment I will call Questions from the North End Zone.  So what will happen, say you post a question in response to this post, I will answer it on my next post.

Time for this week's main event:  A pre-season preview I like to call head vs heart.  The premise is this, I will choose the winner of each game based on what my heart says in a unscientific way and what my brain says, again in a unscientific way.

Team                         Head       Heart

Arkansas St                 W            W

Tanner Lee starts off strong.  The Diaco 34 causes havoc.  Big question is who if anybody takes the lead at RB because next week is

@ Oregon                    W            W

Tough early test for the 34.  I am wondering if Diaco goes for more speed aka nickle and dime to try and slow down Oregon

Northern Illinois          W            W

Hoe sweet home cooking

Rutgers                       W             W

Good start to Big 10 play for Tanner and the 34.

@Illinois                    L               W

My heart and my head are at odds.  My heart believes in this team but my head says this team will lose a road game it shouldn't.  This is the game.

Wisconsin                 L               W

My heart believes in a upset, especially after last year.  My head thinks otherwise.

Ohio St.                     L               L

My heart and my head agree NU is still a year or two away from competing with these guys.

@Purdue                  W                W

A pretty good road test before the other "NU"

Northwestern            W               W

Has it really been 4 years since Hail Westy?  Let's hope it doesn't come to that this year.

@Minnesota             W               W

This is the road game that is a toss-up that Nebraska will squeak by with a victory.

@Penn St.                L                  W

Penn St is on the way up, just not there yet.

Iowa                         W                 W

It's about revenge.

Enjoy the season my loyal readers.  God bless and Go Big Red.


We are Nebraska

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Comment by Nish on August 28, 2017 at 9:07pm

Thanks for the Blog Chris. I'm not a kool-aide drinker but I got the Husker going 10-2.

I see you have the Husker losing to Illinois, I would be interested in hearing why?

I might think we would be more worried about the Gophers and PJ Fleck, but I actually think PJ is a tool.

Just saying  

Comment by Low Country Husker on August 28, 2017 at 12:48pm

Chris nice read!  If the Huskers lose to Illinois and starts a 3 game losing streak it will be an extremely long season.  Let's Hope your Heart wins out!

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