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Dear Fellow Husker fans,

How's the week going so far? Anybody else getting nervous about this weekend's to do against ISU in Ames? I know I am a tad. You wonder if this could be a iffy game, coming before a show down against A&M in College Station (still a tough team, no matter what the record). But before that, we have to discuss last weekend against Mizzou.

Mizzou, what to say about Mizzou. If Oklahoma is the brother who's butt you want to kick every year, Mizzou is the family member you wish you only saw once a year so you could kick his butt. I'm not sure if its from the going ons this past summer or been a lifelong dislike, but for me more than anything I wanted 4 quarters of Mizzou butt kicking worse than anything in the world. When it came to UT, Washington and even OSU, a win would have been fine no matter the score. This past weekend nothing short of a old fashion 63-10 tiger butt kicking would do and for 1 quarter it seemed that was what we would get. However, it didn't turn out that way, but that is for later.

Can't leave this week without talking about a touchy subject, this whether legit or not theory that the Big 12 higher ups are out to get Nebraska. We are now on Wednesday and my thought is if something would have come out, it would have by now. Did Eric Martin get a raw deal last week after OSU, maybe yes maybe no. I spent some time looking for a good replay of the hit and to be honest the one view I am hoping for doesn't exist and that would be a sideline view from behind the OSU player. But, that is a mute point. I know like you we have been poking fun all week at Dan Beebe's schedule of things to do, but seriously if something were to happen it would have by now. I don't think we will see Courtney Osbourne or Cam Meredith get suspended. On that note, nothing has come out of the PAC-10 on the Oregon hit so I guess we just have to see what happens. What worries is me, say Jared Crick or Cam or Pierre Allen come through on a hard pass rush and come close to knocking out a ISU player, what happens going into the A&M game. We shall see. What I will say is this, through another week of hard hitting, the word is mum coming out of the Crystal Palace in Dallas.

Time for Good, Bad, Ugly

Good: Roy Helu Jr. 28-307 and 3 TDs. Now not to take anything from Calvin Jones' big game against KU 27 for 294 and being the old record (I'm not going to give a tidbit away yet, will wait till after KU, see if you can guess it) that was incredible. The TD runs by themselves accounted for 192 yards. And there was the point where Mizzou tried to make it a game early in the third and Helu basically iced the game with his last TD run. Another note, did it actually fill good going late in this one knowing that Zac Lee could have hollered at Gary Pinkel who could then tell his defense what was coming and they still couldn't stop it.

Bad: Apart from 24-0 start, this game was a drag out knockout fight. I'm not sure if this team has that instinct that says we are pounding your butt in the ground and we're not going to let up till the final gun sounds. As a team it went a bit pedestrian in the last 3 quarters. Honorable mention: the offense did absolutely nothing against their red zone D, wait a sec, NU didn't take a snap in the red zone.

Ugly: Gary Pinkel and Ed Cunningham trying to play judge and jury for the Executioner Dan Beebe. My first question is what about the hits NU players took (example: Niles Paul first catch) that seem to get unnoticed. Again, its Wed. and nothing has been said so it seems all is quiet there.

Best of times: NU/MU

#1. 1985 NU 28 MU 20. 4 TDs right, wrong. Here's the actual score. Dale Klein 22 MU 20 NU offense 6. Dale Klein won this game with his leg nailing field goal after field goal.

#2. 1997 NU 45 MU 38. It's called the flea kicker, but besides thew last drive and OT this was a fun game all around. Corby Jones was a duel QB before the term became a household name. This one went back and forth and being able to sit back, relax and just know you are enjoying a classic (and NU win) it lets you see how well played this one was. Fun game. Side note, raise your hand if you are one of many fans that had to wait for the replays to see NU's OT TD. I'm one of many, thank you commercial breaks.

#3. 2001 NU 36 MU 3: This is on the list for one thing, Eric Crouch's Heisman defining 95 yard TD run. The fact he broke a weak tackle attempt in his own end zone and just took off was a thing of beauty.

#4 1992: NU 34 MU 24: Why is this on the list, two words, Tommie Frazier. Yes, this was TD Tommie's coming out party. Fun, fun fun.

Well, that's about it for now, I need to do a bit of research because I am hoping that before Saturday I will be able to put up a somewhat guide of what to expect the rest of the year and see if I can show how Nebraska still has a chance for the mythical National Championship. God bless and Go Big Red.


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