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Live From BugahaWest: Draft, Football, and Everything Else in between

Dear Fellow Husker Fans,

Sorry its been awhile since I last posted, but once again, I found myself working on a honeydew list (you married gents out there know what that is) and plus the fact things slowed down to a utter crawl when it comes to Husker football. Well, its time to speed back up and while the draft is over as is spring ball, I feel I can talk about it and plenty of other things, so hang on, the next few paragraphs are going to be fun.

First off, the spring game. With everything being vanilla clean, I thinkthe Big Red showed us about as much as they could. All and all, I think everything went well as in nobody got hurt (especially one Zac Lee). On that note, I do have one gripe about spring ball, why is it that for at least one, maybe two series through the game let all the QBs face live ammo, that is, let em get hit. I mean in spring training and practice for baseball the batter are facing live pitching up to the point they have to let that 95 mph plus fastball hit them square between the shoulder blades. I remember in high school getting hit by the first pitch in practice. It hurt like hell but I got over it. Yes, it's different when it comes to football because of the type of injuries that can happen, but why not let the QB get hit face up (nothing below the belt) and take a bone jarring shot. Its gonna happen sooner than later, so why not sooner. Plus the fact it might add some spice to spring ball. I will add a out clasue on it to, if you don't want the first and second struing guys face the live ammo, at least let the first team defense get a chance to lick their chops and punch the third and fourth string QB in the mouth, just not literally.

Second up, the draft and I can honestly I can say I am not exactly disappointed. I didn't figure on Lucky getting drafted due to his off year last year and in fact I think being on the outside looking in in terms of being drafted it can be beneficial. Look at it this way, Bo Ruud spent all of last year on the IR for the Pats and they have now cut ties with him. He is now looking for a job. It might have been different if he wasn't on IR but you never know. When you are one of the un-drafted free agents that most teams want to look at you have the chance to pick the team that best suits your style. I am actually shocked that Joe Ganz settled for Washington. I was for certain I would have heard Denver looking at him. Why? Easy because look at their Qb situation, Kyle Orton and Chris Simms are almost a lock at one and two. After those two it is wide open and I think ripe for the picking for Joe. Heck, if he plays his cards right and ends up in Denver, there is a distinct possibility he winds up backing up Kyle Orton ( I think passing Orton would take a minor miracle, but you never know). As for the WRs and Lucky, they are now just going for opportunities to showcase their skills and if they are lucky to make them, good, if not, try in the next available location. As for those that got drafted, they have to work hard and make the team they were drafted by. If it doesn't happen, the pickings will be slim.

Third, the Cody Glenn situation. So it wasn't ticket scalping, but it wasn't illegal. Any of you get the idea this is like some covert operation run by the government? Heck, it is occurring in DC, the Pentagon's backyard, so it isn't asd far fetched as we think. Jason, bro, as well connected as you are, you're not connected well enough bro. This info is on a need to know basis and I guess we don't need to know. All's quiet on the western front, so lets just hope he puts this behind them, makes the team, and makes an impact for the Redskins.

Fourth, ADa abound all over the state. Trev Alberts takes the gig at UNO and admits that UNO is a hockey school. Fine, it belongs to hockey so put a product on the ice and make it a good product. The first three things you need to do are givethe coach an extension, bring in funds and fans for the game of hockey and the game of football, and learn the sport of hockey. If you need help, give me a call, I'll gladly take a vacation back to watch a hockey game with you, teach you the game, and accept the role as your paid right hand man. The only terms I request are $35000 a year, good bennys, and a room with a view.

Fifth, I like to jump to other sports and this time I want to jump to NASCAR. The sport took a huge step back in terms of safety when Carl Edwards proved that the new cars can get airborne and can be involved in nasty crashes. Back to the drawing board on that one.

Finally, word is Greg Paulus is looking into coming to Nebraska and play football next year for the Big Red. My questioon is this, why should we give him the chance? We have the QB situation in good hands with Lee, Green, and Washington. Add in the wild cards of Taylor Martinez (where does he fit in anyway, guess we'll find out over the summer) and Kody Spano (any word on his knee injury) and you have to believe the QB spot is in capable hands not only this year, but the next 3 years at least. On that note, there was a blip that SI put NU in there post spring top 25. I am not sold on this for this one reason, inexperience at QB. If Witt was still around, maybe, but not likely. From where I am sitting having finished my second cup of coffee, this team is in the top 40, maybe top 35 with those teams other receiving votes, but top 25, no. Zac has to prove he can run the offense and this offense has to prove they can move the ball with Zac at the helm before I bestow top 25 status on them. On defense alone they haqve the makings of a top 25 team, but even though defenses win championships, you need offenses to get you to the title game. It does make for a interesting year and even though I predict the blackshirts will be handed out in time for the Mizzou game, the offense will have to prove themselves worthy of being called big time in Blacksburg before they are given the moniker of top 25 team.

Thank you you for reading my posts and thank you for your comments. Things will probably change down the line due to change in job locals (I am switching cities, not professions) and I'll keep you all informed, but when it comes and is completed, I am more than positive I will have more time and vibe to write. God bless you all and Go Big Red.


"We Are Nebraska"

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Comment by Shayne Seibert on May 1, 2009 at 3:54pm
Nice post. I think that even though we have the QB spot filled fairly well for the next couple of years, it doesn't hurt to have other people interested in the position. When was the last time Nebraska was mentioned as a school that a 4-5 star QB recruit WANTED to come here?

I think that the Blackshirts are a given at the start of the season. They earned them at the end of last season and will return to the field with them in the fall.

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