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Live from BugahaWest: A bit of this, a tad of that, and a cup of coffee to boot.

Dear Fellow fans of the Husker red,

As I sit here finishing up a cup of coffee and doing some research for this edition of my blog I have found that I want to talk about a few things and only one or two things are actually Husker related. Talk about a slow down, but that's ok cause we are at 102 days and counting until kick off. So that has to be good news right. Heck there is even something for me personally that is almost as big, we're fast approaching the 1 year anniversary of my blog posting here. I will try to have something up that week, maybe even a best of bit in there. Well enough about that, how about we turn up the music, top off the coffee one more time, rock n roll, and have some fun. Here we go.

Item #1. If some of you have been reading other blog posts, you noticed that there was a item on Sam Keller's deal. Well, in the comments of that blog, myself and Jason have been going back and forth on this deal. Does Sam have a case, I'm not 100% sure and I'm not exactly sure what he wants to gain from this lawsuit. NCAA rules clearly state that players are not to get extra compensation beyond the scholarship. We just have to look back a couple years and look at what happened to Rhett Bohmar at OU. Now, I'm not saying this is right or wrong, but what I am saying is that this suit can do a heck of alot more harm than good. Personally I enjoy playing the NCAA game more than Madden. The college atmosphere just jumps off the tv at you. When I customize my schedule I love playing at other schools that NU doesn't have on the schedule. In previous editions I have played at Miami, Florida St, Michigan, Notre Dame,. Boston College, UCLA, the Air Force Academy (that one only cause I think that area is beautiful, too bad its in Colorado), and Syracuse to name a few. I also know that, granted I keep about a year or 2 behind (I'm now playing the NCAA 2007 for Xbox 360) due to the fact that buying brand new will break the bank and I have mouths to feed, what as a player I can do to the rosters and team in general. I can move the location, change the team colors, make Joe Ganz into a pro style QB by adding a few inches to his height and a lower his 40 time by a couple thousandths of a second. Heck, I have had such fast defenses and such fine luck in playing it, more often than not I am running a 3-4 defense. The fact of the matter is, all that Sam Keller might possibly accomplish is tick off many fans across the country cause EA might just chuck it all and quit making the college games altogether, and I mean all of it: baseball, football, and basketball.

Now, I put out there what the problem is, I wouldn't be a fine writer without putting in a solution and here it is. Student-athletes should get an extra stipend for having their shadow in the game. EA bought the licensing agreements to use the likenesses of the universities, mascots, stadiums, and fight songs. Now, the stadiums and fight songs don't have mouths to feed unless you count the administration so why not do this. For every athlete, walk-on or scholarship (btw, if you look at the rosters, 99% of the student-athletes depicted are on scholarship), give them some sort of stipend. There are 107 schools depicted and 70 athletes per school (this is football only). If you pay the athletes that are without a doubt depicted on the game $1000 that comes out to being a little less than $7.5 million in payouts. Then, for the rest of the players on the teams, we'll call it about 30 (teams usually sit around 100 with scholarships and walk-ons), give them an extra $500 and that comes out to being just a bit more than $1.6 million. For football only you are shelling out about $9.1 million to use the players likenesses. I hate to say it, but they shell out much more for the NFLPA for use of the pro players (see retired players suit against EA and the NFLPA for use of players likenesses after retirement). I don't play the March Madness college basketball game and I didn't grab the college baseball game (although I heard the Blatt was a beaut on there), but with the same number of schools but with fewer players I am thinking the payouts will be about $5-$6 million per sport total. There, for less than $25 million a year, things should be satisfied. That's my solution to the problem. Now the problem is getting it to the proper people.

Item 2: Michael Vick is about to finish up his debt to society and start petitioning to play again in the NFL. Here at my little corner of the cyberspace world I want to put myself in charge and tell you what I think should happen and what I think will happen.

What I think will happen is that Vick will get reinstated but will be placed under the same umbrella as Adam Pacman Jones. One more screw up and he'll get the lifetime ban. The reasoning behind this is there are players right now in the league that have done more harm to their wives/girlfriends and/or kids than Vick did by killing these dogs. I know I am treading on thin ice here but hear me out please. There are players that have been charged with domestic abuse, carrying loaded firearms, hitting pedestrians with their cars, endangering lives of others before getting pulled over for DUI, etc and they are still playing in the league. If Vick gets the lifetime ban right now the message that is sent out is as plain as day, Roger Goodell thinks the lives of dogs are more important than the lives of players families and fans. Not exactly a good ideal to admit to having.

What should happen is that Vick get the lifetime ban and the league start weeding out the bad apples I mentioned above, those charged and convicted of domestic abuse, frequent DUIs, and carrying loaded weapons. Domestic abuse, no matter how you cut it is just plain wrong. The only time I raise my hands to my wife and kids is when I am giving them a hug and kiss. As for DUI, I don't drink unless I am at home and even then, it is so infrequent I can make a 12 pack of beer last 4-6 months. As for carrying loaded weapons, if you think that your life will be in danger because you are going into a particular club, news flash bro, go to a different club where you will feel safer. Arizona is a right to carry state and to be quite honest I am amazed more people aren't lying dead in the street right now. I hear tales of my co-workers carrying into clubs and I only wonder, why, you are just asking for trouble. A gun is for castle laws and therefore shouldn't leave the king's castle. The only time it should be fired is when somebody is threatening you or your family. It's called self defense. That's all I have about that, time for the next item.

Item 3: College baseball and after quite a few years of success, Nebraska fell upon hard times this year. Maybe they aren't up to being called a dynasty then. If you look at the schools that are "dynasty" types, they don't rebuild, they reload. The Miami's, FSU's, and LSU's of the world, they may have a down year where they don't make the tourney, but they don't have awful years like NU had this year. My early pick, btw, is North Carolina. They look good.

Item 4: I was thinking about top plays and how they affected the game or did the game live up to the play and/or hype. I decided to pick on a few items and give my thoughts.

Play 1: The kick and the pick. Nebraska vs Colorado 2008. On youtube, you can find different views, different calls, and different titles for these plays. I think the only thing I haven't found yet is a call by the Colorado broadcasting group. The kick of course refers to Henerey's 57 yard field goal. The pick is Suh's massive game clincher in which the poster shot is a thing of beauty. Did the game live up to the plays? A 40-31 final score says yeah, the game was just as exciting as the finish.

Play 2: How many touchdowns can one man break? Touchdown Tommie Frazier. When Tommie went 65 yards and hit pay dirt with 1 second left in the third quarter, I think many across the country saw greatness. Others, most noted a certain radio broadcaster, proclaimed the game over at this moment. Well, there was still 15:01 left in the game. So, the question is, did the game live up to the hype? At halftime the score was 35-10 and after this play it was 49-18. When the second half started I told the group I was watching the game with the next 5 minutes will decide whether this will be a great finish or will it be like a Super Blowout that has been occuring in the NFL title games. Mr. Pavelka was right, after Tommie's run the game was over and honestly, I don't think the game as a whole lived up to the hype.

Play 3: Hail Flutie from the mighty mite of BC to Phalen against Miami. A bomb that was launched from 63 yards away from where Flutie finally planted, stepped,. and launched. Did the game live up to the hype? Catch a replay of this one if you can. This game was close from start to finish and even without that magical ending I believe the game lived up to the hype. Sidebar note, this play didn't win Flutie the Heisman, he had it won already.

Play 4: The catch, Matt Davison vs Mizzou in 1997. Off the foot of Wiggens into Davison's hands. Did the game live up to the hype? What hype was there to live up to. Mizzou was just supposed to be another step in the road of Nebraska's national title run. So, in that regard, I guess the answer is yes.

Play 5: Game of the Century, Johnny "the Jet"'s punt return. Everybody has seen the play and OU fans still are asking why a flag wasn't thrown on the play. Did the game live up to the hype? Yes and then some considering the hype. 99% of the country knew the national title game was going to be played in Norman, OU the day after Thanksgiving even before the season started (the other 1% weren't football fans). It was the unstoppable force against the immoveable object. It was #1 vs #2. It was a great game all-around. Side bar note: There was only one flag thrown the entire game.

Item 5: NU lost out on both the Paulus and Marve sweepstakes. I'm ok with that. Part of me actually was hoping Paulus would have given NU a look, at least he would have made a viable back up for a year and letting Green red-shirt. But its all for the best, maybe Green will still red-shirt considering how Washington has done at QB.

Well, thats about it from SE Arizona. Counting down the days to fall camp and the first game right now. I gotta run and check the schedule and figure out which game day I want to take off for football. That's about it from this end. Thank you for reading my blog and for your comments. God bless and Go Big Red.


P.S. Happy belated Memorial Day to you all and especially to our soldiers and their families. Thank you for your sacrifices for our freedoms.

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