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Live from BugahaWest: 39 days till kick-off, explanation for delay and other things

Dear fellow Husker fans,

It's been too long if you ask me.  Life in this SE Arizona has made all free time scarce and believe me when I say even my beloved bride is wondering, will we even get to listen to games this year?  Let me explain, no internet at home, crazy work schedule, and other things are combining to make things a tad difficult, but never fear, I plan a 4th quarter comeback.  Enough about that, I have to get to some news that has happened in the past few months that I just can't let go without discussing.

1.  A. Green transfer to TCU:  This has made me a tad nervous only because I felt he was the lightning back that would be a change of pace.  If you look at the RB spot (Burkhead, Abdullah, Cross & Morrow to name the biggies) they are the same type of back, big, between the tackles, get the 6-8 yards per touch type.  Where is the explosion, where is shall I say, the Derek Brown to those guy's Calvin Jones?  Before you raise your hand and say Jamal Turner, stop it.  That will not work IMO.  J. Turner is a type that needs to take a quick swing pass, get 1 or 2 key blocks and ten torch the DBs for 6.  I don't think he could take a toss sweep play or option pitch.  That just doesn't jive.

2.    Johnny Stanton picks NU:  Pros:  He can thow, he can run, he's an elite 11 QB.  Cons:  Its a long way to Feb., he's going to need a year to learn the offense, he's an elite 11 QB.  I put the elite 11 in both because, yeah, that is good to know but look at our last lite 11 QBs:  Harrison Beck, Curt Dukes.  Here's hoping 3rd time is truly a charm.  Oh yeah, another note, there is the Armstrong kid already in camp.

3.   Penn St:  The JoePa statue comes down.  Today (Monday 7-23) they are hit with a $60 million fine, 4 year bowl ban, can't play in the Big 10 title game and reduction in scholarships that go from 10 to 20 over the next few years.  Oh yeah, if they mess up again, hello death penalty.  Also, the players remaining can transfer out and play right away.  Bill O'Brien, welcome to Big 10 football, NCAA sanctioned way.  I actually feel bad fr Coach O'Brien.  You have to wonder if the administration will look at the next 4 years and just call it a wash and then let him start from scratch 5 years from now or if they are going to expect to .600 to .700 winning percentage over the course of this thing.  The fact the players can leave anytime from now till the end of their college days without penalty has to be big for that coaching staff.  I am not making light of the fact of what happened there and that we should not forget the troubles those kids who's innocence was taken away by that creep, but I'm wondering if the root of the problem is taken care of by these sanctions.  Yes, this is a deal where an athletic program had gotten too big for its britches.  Yes, there is no penalty too big for those involved in the cover up.  However, penalizing the football program liker this, I don't believe it helps the victims.  Take that $60 million and divide it among the victims tax free, pay for all their therapy and free college scholarships, is that enough to help them deal with what they went through?  NO.  Let all involved in the cover up rot in prison in isolation for the rest of their days.  Is that enough?  Getting closer, but NO.  Fact is there cannot be a penalty on God's green earth that will be enough to help those kids as they continue with their lives.  They are scarred for life by this and there is nothing that can remove a scar.  I'm done with tat soap box, sorry I went long.

4.  Taylor Martinez:  He went and saw a QB coach during spring break and this summer.  Perhaps he helped in recruiting Johnny Stanton.  Is he the answer at QB?  Fact is, he will be the answer until Armstrong shows up in fall camp and gets a chance to display his talents.  Spring game 2011 noted, but Brion Carnes' only similarity with TD Tommie Frazier is their family trees.  Hate to tell the truth, but there it is.  I'm thinking this year and going forward the starting QB will be between Armstrong and Martinez with Stanton growing and learning.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Fall Camp 2014.  Patience Husker fans, patience.

5.  The play-off.  Now, I was thinking of a big plan in terms of the play-off and while a 4 team start is good, it's just that.  It's a start.  Now, before the end of times for college football (the end will com when instead of university ran programs we will have regional based minor league teams for the NFL a la Europe) this thing will grow and my feeling is we will come to a point where it will be something like this.  There are 125 teams in major college football.  Now from that number we cut it down to 84 which will e the upper division of college/minor league football.  The other 41 will be place in the lower division.  The lower division squads will be divided into 4 10 team regionals.  1 team (more than likely South Alabama) gets dropped to D-2  (face it, they will not be a consistent player for some time).  The upper region will be divided into 12 7 team regions.  Now for the lower region, you play all the teams in your region and 1 school in each of the other regions, schedule based on previous years record (like the NFL).  4 regional winners move on to the final 4.  Final Four gets bidded on by cities like the NFL.

As for the big boys, this is your schedule, you get 3 home games and 3 road games in the region, which gives 6.  You get a game against a like placed school in the other 5 divisions which brings you up to 11.  The final game in your regular season schedule is a "legacy" game.  It can change year to year and the regional commissioners will have to sit down and decide what the 42 legacy games are each year.  Some notables could be Nebraska/Oklahoma, USC/Notre Dame, Florida/Tennessee.  Now, I know I haven't mentioned the way the regions are divided, but for say Nebraska, their region would look something like this:  Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa St, Kansas, Kansas St, Missouri, & Minnesota.  The basis on the regional pairings is to make getting to games less expensive for the fans aka, make it a day's drive or less.  Now, for the play-off it will be decided like this.  The division winners are in, no questions asked.  Of the remaining schools, the top 4 get in as wildcards.  All ties will be decided in the following order:  regional record, head to head match-up (if available), opponent's records, point differential.  By then it should be decided.  The 4 wildcards will get to play the top 4 teams (as seeded), then 5 vs 12, 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10, 8 vs 9 (have to love 8/9 games).  These games will be played at the higher seeded team.  The elite 8 all play at a city with the highest bid, then the final 4 at a separate city with a high bid.

There is one last item that does make the division based regions fun.  We do get to go with relegation for good/bad performance.  For the first 4 years there will be none.  But each year after that, the bottom team of each region (based on 4 year record) will be replaced by one of the top 3 teams in the lower regional standings (based on 4 year record).  However, a SE region school cannot be placed in a NW regional area.  See each lower big region will be assigned 3 upper regional areas where their teams can go.

I hope you haven't gotten too confused, but that is how I believe college football should be changed.  See, not everything is bad about the way sports are done in Europe.

Well, can't think of anything else.  Fall camp is just around the corner and here's hoping for a fun, exciting year.  I will try my hand at posting more and I am thinking I want to do more than game recaps and game balls.  I would love to try a question and answer area, so if you have any questions, please do ask, that could be fun.  I also am thinking of more opinions just on college football and Husker football in general.  We shall see how it goes this year.  God bless and Go Big Red.


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Comment by Chris on July 23, 2012 at 4:15pm

My beloved bride just got done reading, and she added this note on Penn St.  The penalties handed down showed that the NCAA didn't condone a sports program getting bigger than knowing the difference between right and wrong and still doing the wrong thing.

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