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Live from BugahaWest: 2 more 2nd Half Comebacks

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

By now we should know this drill ad yet each time it has happened, the shouting has gotten louder and longer.  Seriously, has there been any time in your Husker fandom life where you feel your heart getting ripped to shreds and then somehow some way, the team pulls the game out again and again, in the same month/year?  I have lived through some kick butt comebacks but I cannot remember a stretch like this. 

You first have a game against  Michigan St where for 59:54 of game clock the Huskers clawed, struggled, and finally overcame penalties, turnovers, and mental mistakes to beat perhaps a overrated Michigan St team, but still a Michigan St. team.  True personal story from this game.  I was listening to the game on internet radio (I have truly fallen in love again with college football radio broadcasts and I'm praying for a return of Kent Pavelka).  Anyways, to paraphrase the TD play call at the end was something like this, "Martinez back to pass, Taylor looking, throwing, touchdown Nebraska."  At this point I screamed so loud and so strong.  I called my parents back in Omaha, NE and we were all cheering over the phone.  We kept cheering when MSU fumbled the attempt of a Stanford/Cal "the Play" replay.  We cheered at the end for a few minutes.  Finally, I had to ask my parents this very important question.  It went something like this.  "Mom, calm down, I have a serious question, who caught the TD pass at the end?"  I didn't hear that part of the call I was cheering so loud.

Then there was a tough game against PSU.  Another true story.  I might have mentioned this last year, but I have a friend at worlk who is big on Pennsylvania sports.  Philly Eagles, Philly Flyers, Philly Phillies, and Penn St. are teams in his wheelhouse.  This gentleman got me hooked on the Flyers so bad I am thinking of keeping an eye on them if NHL ever comes back.  However, I like the Steelers, Niners, and Huskers.  Anyhow, before PSU/Nebraska last year we were actually looking forward to the week before the game.  We were ready to have some good ole fashioned ribbing going on, We were ready and then it happened.  The Sandusky story broke and we looked at each other with a look that said, for this year, no trash talk.  Well, we both saved it up because this year we had fun with the game.  As for the game, I can say one thing, the start of the second half has to be the best start opening the game or coming out after the break the Huskers have put together all year.  Understand this, this team came out after the break and in 5 1/2 minutes of game clock (probably less than 10 minutes in rel time) this game was tied after 2 big Husker TDs.  Yeah, PSU kicked the FG to take the lead but I put my hand up and thrust that 4th quarter sign high.  How high you ask?  I was touching the ceiling because I was standing on the couch.  Be honest guys, this team has been behind going into 4th quarters all the time the past month.  You knew and I knew this team would come back and win this game.  You can say the safety was a iffy call and after seeing the replay I can say I agree, however thisteam still kicked a FG so the 9 point win would have been only 7.

Now, lets take a look at this team going forward.  I will not say this team is the best Pelini team so far, but I will say this.  This team has the biggest hearty, wont quit, can't be beat attitude since probably the 90s and I am serious.  Anybody out there not liking Pelini fine, but believe me he and the rest of the coaching staff has given this team the tools and attitude that says we are not losing this game without a fight.  This team may not lose the rest of the way but if they do, believe me it will not be without a fight.  T. Martinez might not be a true QB, but he is the QB we need right now this year.  I don't want anybody else taking snaps.  Let me point out one other thing, if and when Burkhead comes back, look out, this team has 2 other back (Abdullah, Cross) who can carry the load and spell just fine.  Not sure why Heard hasn't gotten as many touches, but we shall see this week.  This team doesn't win by 50, doesn't win pretty, and wont pass many eye tests.  This team wins hard and mucks it up and guess what, I am fine with that.  Enjoy the rest of the regular season.

Time for Minny and then Iowa.  God bless, Go Big Red.


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