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Another loss for our aimless Huskers. Although the Defense did show up for the first half, they were crushed in the 2nd. That Triple Option thing REALLY WORKS!! Holy Cow, we stopped using that offense, what 4 years ago, and somebody is still using it effectively??? They have the 8th rated rushing offense in the country. Didn't we used to dominate in that catagory a few years ago? Of course we couldn't pass for 2000 yards in a season if the other team stayed off the field, but we can now by God! The downside is that for some reason we've lost the ability to run the ball.
The WCO was designed for the pass to set up the run, which implies that you have a person who routinely can make plays with his feet. We have a back who catches more balls than the guys who are supposed to be catching them, I think they are called "Wide Recievers". Since the passing game isn't going all that badly, if you consider 3 turnovers a game not bad, I will now shift the blame from Callahan to the Offensive Line Coachs and possibly to the QB coach. As I said in an earlier rant, the O-Line is pretty decent at pass blocking, but when your feature back is getting 60 yards per game rushing and are lucky to have a tandem break 100 yards per game, there is a major problem that needs addressed immediately. As for the QB coach, you might check the eyesight of Keller before the next game. Not exactly sure how many open recievers that he didn't see, but the announcers were making quite a deal out of each one. Put Ganz in for a few series to show Keller a bit of competition and maybe he will do what he did at ASU and put up huge numbers for a couple of weeks.

I actually felt kinda bad for Callahan after the game. He really looked genuinely contrite. He had no answers for the failures of the team, and they were TEAM failures. He actually gave up the clipboard for the offensive play calling for the first time, and I may have been wrong about having the O-Coordinator calling plays, because that 2nd half was terrible. Bill, take back the offense but get somebody to help Cos on the sideline. Maybe Charlie will give him a hand. Cos looked like he was going to have a Coronary on the sidelines trying to figure out how to stop the Option and that Fat **** running all over us.

Maybe now that TO has been in Memorial Field for a game and able to spend some time on the sidelines, he can offer some insight to Bill on how to motivate the team. They just look like they have lost the desire to play, which is completely beyond me. They come to practice to do one thing, Play in front of 85,000 screaming Big Red Fans who adore them. This is a stepping stone to the NFL for some guys, but apparently these players don't have that ambition. Tom and Charlie had no trouble motivating the team. Their people wanted to destroy the competition, put up 70 points per game and shut the opponent out in their house and ours. We used to score 14 points per game with the Defense!!!

What the hell is happening in Huskerland?? I'm abit discuraged, but remain faithful. Go BIG RED!

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Comment by NeFan4Life on October 21, 2007 at 10:56pm
Wow, great post Shayne!

It really is disheartening to go from first to worst in such a hurry. I can't even imagine how the players feel. I feel heartbroken and discouraged, like you, but you have to wonder how disappointed the players feel. They basically are investing nearly four years of their lives to this cause called Husker Football and aren't seeing the fruits of their effort. They are putting their trust in the Husker coaches thinking that doing so will ensure victories on the field. All of their efforts are being put under a microscope and being criticized by the media. I guess that is the world of college football though, play your hardest and see what they write about you in the papers....

I think that this situation can only get better, because it really can't get much worse. Still a Husker fan, Go Big Red!!

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